Eventide/Newfangled Audio Pendulate

So, Eventide and Newfangled Audio have released Pendulate, a new synth using a chaotic oscillator based on a double pendulum, and paired with some neat stuff like a Buchla-inspired wavefolder. It’s also free (for now?) and does NOT use iLok.

I’ve just grabbed it, but have no time to fire it up for a bit. Anybody ahead of me? Thoughts?


I’ve played with it a bit, and its fast to get going and can be very expressive. The number of controls feels right - you have enough knobs to tweak the sound, but not too much so there’s no getting lost in it (in a negative way) and no frustration. Plus there’s also a randomizer that just makes you a new patch.

I wish the lpg was a lot more snappier, but for slow patches its fine.
Solid osc and wavefolder sections (at least to my taste).

I expect a paid poly version down the line as it is clearly a well-designed plugin and its very generous of Newfangled Audio to just give it away for free)

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