Exciting new monome apps that don't require you to buy a ££ module

Hi there,

Wondering if there are any new patches/programs for monome grids that are not related to module ownership?

everything cool and new seems to be based around a specific module interface.

feeling a bit out of love with my 128grid, and need to try something new…

anyone got anything on the horizon?

did you try terms? crazy energy went into it. http://monome.org/docs/app/terms

markeats and partyvan are quite engaging if you haven’t checked them out.

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Terms is definitely a day1 download when I get M4L.

Right now I am still on Live 8 and Max 7, so waiting for a nice upgrade discount from Ableton to move up to 9 & M4L.

I really like Markeats, but haven’t played with Partyvan.

will put that right, this week.

heads up-- use Max 6 for partyvan. some bugs in max 7.

Polygomé still fills me with joy. Probably the main reason I haven’t left the monome fold altogether. I use Pianoteq’s electric piano emulations for sound generation.

Tintinnabulome is my absolute favourite. I’d actually love to get this running on some kind of hardware (arduino?) so I wouldn’t have to worry about a damn software update killing it, I had to live without it for quite a while due to this. It’s great for monophonic stuff as well as the big simultaneous arpeggios that it is designed for. I’m getting better at using it and finding ways which I like it set up, feels like a ‘real’ instrument.

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This is exactly the kind of hidden gold I was hoping to find…

will download and try out tonight… keep them coming…

keep in mind it’s not directly supported by serialosc I think, you’ll need monomebridge…
I quite like arpshift. Time to have a play again…

There’s a 128 version of Tintinnabulome ported to serialosc here:

I’ve also been having a lot of fun with ArpShift lately. I have it set up as a variable drum sequencer by building a drum rack in Ableton with different drums on different octaves, ie: C2-B2 are all bass drums, C3-B3 are all snares – so when you change the pitch by step in AS (page 3) you can choose your sample.

Other favorites:

Insanity set up to do long fader sweeps is amazing.
Balron is great for generating interesting rhythms, both synths and drums.
Ricochet is hours of fun!



Balron is badass! Markeats is also amazing, as well as terms. I bought a qunexus controller recently, and it’s nice (hardly a seaboard or soundplane or haaken or…) but I’ve realized that I could care less about velocity sensitivity- and I keep switching back to my 128 with the little isonome patch i created when I’m writing tunes in a sequencer. I prefer to just edit velocity on individual events by hand.