Exhausted Calm by Corey Holms

My new album, Exhausted Calm just released today on Bandcamp and will be on all the streaming services at some point this week. The shortest version of the story is that it was recorded earlier this year and abandoned, only to be revived by the album’s producer Nathan Moody. The entire album was re-recorded, reworked and rearranged to make what you hear now. I hope you like it.

The longer version is that Exhausted Calm was recorded during the 2020 COVID lockdown in Jamestown, Washington. Increasingly bothered and overwhelmed by the 24/7 news onslaught, I stopped watching and reading all forms of news; this removal of constant, low-level dread and anxiety was followed by disengaging from social media for about half a year, adding to the pandemic’s required physical isolation. It’s like the feeling of relief to the period after experiencing an intense pain which finally subsides; all that is left is a low, throbbing, exhausted calm that completely takes over. This album is the exhausted calm of severing ties to the outside world for several months.


I had to take similar measures for self-preservation, although circumstances prevented me from expressing much of it musically. Congratulations on the release!

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Thank you, I appreciate it.

It insidiously becomes all consuming without you noticing it. I stopped news completely, and now just hear things ambiently from people, which has helped quite a bit. I was never huge into social media, so I only have used Twitter and Instagram — Twitter I gave up about two years ago or so and have never looked back. I wish I could abandon IG as well, but it’s the only way I see what some friends are doing, and how I share my music. I am limiting the amount of time I visit IG though, which has been very nice.

Sorry that you weren’t able to make music, that’s frustrating.


Great album! I particularly enjoyed Disbanding Protocols and Less Time. It’s cool to see a fellow Sequim resident on the forum!

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Oh no way! I’m in Jamestown, what part of Sequim are you in? We have to be the only two people in this entire town that use modular.

Oh man it’s a small world! I’m less than 5 mins away from there near Jardin du Soleil, I ride down Jamestown road on my bike all the time. We will have to meet up sometime when it is safe to do so. :smiley:

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“Ritual Apologetics” was really nice, enjoyed it.

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Thank you very much, I appreciate the comment. I’ve been feeling a little self conscious about this album as I stepped outside of my comfort zone quite a bit (working with a producer for the first time). It’s nice to get feedback, thanks.

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Sorry to toot my own horn, but am thrilled that my song Disbanding Protocols got placed on the Apple Music playlist Headspace!