Exhibition + Performance / Bemis / Omaha, NE

Hello all.
I just wanted to let people know about a show that opens this Saturday (June 5th, 2021) at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha. The show is called “All Together, Amongst Many: Reflections on Empathy” and has a really wonderful group of artists presenting work. I have a tape loop piece in it and will also be performing at the opening. I don’t know if there are any lines folk in Omaha at the moment but the show runs until September and the performance is supposed to stream over Twitch via the Bemis Account (3pm local time).

In addition to “All Together…” there is also an installation by Charlie Friedman called “Soundtracks from the Present Future” which includes 60 acoustic bass, guitars + mandolins that have servo plucked strings performing a selection of works. I was able to compose a piece for it and heard the installation running this morning. It felt like being inside a harpsichord.

Anyway, it’s my first time getting out as an artist or musician since before the start of the pandemic and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed but hopeful. Thanks.


Splendid news, looking forward to the performance! :slight_smile:

I’ve got some friends in town I’ll let them know about the event! I’d come myself but I’m traveling unfortunately. Block 16 is a great place to eat in downtown Omaha.

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Thanks. I’ve been loving it so far. Everyone at Bemis is really wonderful.
La Buvette is really good and Archetype is solid.

I’m in Omaha visiting family but I’ll be FLASH CRASH-ing Saturday afternoon then straight to a wedding, unfortunately. Will the performance be archived?

good luck! caught you doing a modular set at a jackson pollock event down the street from my house early last year and i really enjoyed it.

thoroughly enjoyed this performance @marcus_fischer. As always I find my self super inspired and artistically rejuvenated after experiencing your works(from afar), I just want to go home and create. would love for you to share a bit about the process of this performance. thank you.