Exit - John Whiles

Hello! This is a new record which I’m releasing to mark my leaving the country which I’ve lived in for all of my life so far.

This is a collection of five recordings I’ve made over the past few weeks whilst trying to prepare myself for moving from London to Berlin. It is also contains a number of field recordings of things and people I’ve known in London.

During this time I’ve been letting go of some significant possessions (like my first keyboard) and trying to understand to terms with my feelings about London.

for the nerds: the music is largely made with monome/mannequins/makenoise modules. Some other sounds are provided by a Roland Juno G


Bought it yesterday and enjoying it now in the Balearic sun, great release!!

Wishing you all the best on your upcoming adventure in Berlin!

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Sat down to write morning pages and listened to this track. Beautiful work.


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Thanks a lot! Two days in and Berlin seems absolutely wonderful. :slight_smile:

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I plucked this from my Bandcamp wishlist a couple of weeks back and am really enjoying it, thanks!

The bit where you’re singing a song and then crack up is a great contrast with the things either side. :smile: Nice touch.

Thanks a lot, I’m glad you enjoyed the little interstitial recordings :slight_smile:

I’m slowly working on a sort of companion recording from the other side of moving cities - hopefully will have something to show soon :slight_smile: