Exits - a 4HP mixer/line/headphone output module

Bloody hell it’s 3am why am I doing this now?

Anyway, here’s “Exits” - a 4HP smooshing together of @billyhologram’s Nearness design and @forestcaver’s AJH headphone module.

The layout has been slightly rejigged since I made the above prototype as the 6.35mm stereo jacks I originally designed it for are impossible to find. Oh and the volume pot for the headphones was too close to the lowest two input jacks.

The updated version is as yet untested due to the scarcity of the opamps, but they should be back in stock at some point in the vaguely near future.

Time for bed.


This is really awesome !! I kept meaning to add extra stuff like this to the headphone amp (loads of space on pcb and panel) but I never got around to it as I’m lazy and the headphone amp did what I wanted for the two skiffs I needed it for - I never got around to adding anything else but it’s been vaguely in the back of my mind !!
This is really cool - nice one !

After some really bad recent experiences with open source - I hope you dont mind me saying that this is why open source is so f*ing great - I unimaginatively copied off others and you’ve taken mine and others’ copied stuff and made it loads better by imaginatively adding your stuff… Nice ! :slight_smile: (On a personal level, this gives me a warm glow - thank you).


this is gorgeous and i will def recommend to friends interested in diy projects


really nice!

not sure what your plan is for panel, but if you have a vector image (and you don’t have this covered), would be happy if need be, to assist in getting an FPE file going for anyone who might want aluminum panels…


I’ve thrown up an SVG and PDF file of the panel

I’m a little bit iffy on whether the holes are the best size for “proper panels”, as I make my own panels with a hand drill(Panel making guide with minimal equipment (Euro/controllers/whatever)) so I’d definitely take a look at them before doing anything with them.

Of particular concern is the dual-gang pot - I used an Alps one which has a much wider bushing than the Alpha variant, purely because that’s all that was available locally at the time. The bushing hole is >9mm for the Alps pots, while it should be 7.2mm for the Alphas. I left the hole Alpha-sized just because that’s what I assume most people will use, but it would be easy to resize it to 9.1mm to accomodate both types, I guess.

The 6.35mm jacks are 9.8mm to give a little bit of wiggle room. The washer ID is 9.5mm so it should be fine.

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here 'tis

FPE file (anodized aluminum / 1.5mm thickness / runs about ~$40USD with UV printing)
exits_alum_1mm5.fpd (367.1 KB)

obviously this is untested as of now, but should be properly spec’d based on provided graphics


Hello hello! Thank you so much for the conversion - it looks great! I have no idea how FPE works so that whole thing is outside of my comfort zone.

I downloaded the software to check it and it seems like a tiny sliver (0.1mm) has been sliced off the top of the panel in the conversion process. The panel length should be 128.5mm with 3mm between the centres of the mounting holes and the panel edges. 0.1mm is pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things, though. That aside it looks spot on!

Are dual gang Alpha pots easy enough for people to source? If not, I’ll update the hole to allow for Alps pots with their massive collars - they’re directly available on Mouser IIRC, so might be an easier option.

I should also point out to people that the main board is rather densely populated, so isn’t too suitable as a beginner SMD build, but if someone wants to figure out a PCBA setup and stuff, it might make it more accessible. The other board with the precision resistors is far more forgiving, though!

This is not a request for someone to build me one of these or an offer to buy one, merely an observation that this could find a nice market among the many folk who don’t build.

It scratches an itch quite nicely!


yeah, the 128.4mm value comes from built in measurements when creating a new file in frontdesign for a 19" partial front panel system. i think it probably just has to do with their tolerances, but this is how i have done all my NLC panels, and they are fit perfect.

re: dual gang pots: it depends on the value i suppose. i know tayda carries them (or they did) and thonk too in the UK. do you have a BOM worked up yet? (or perhaps i missed it…) - i don’t have kicad (though, i probably should at this point)

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I’ll knock one together this weekend! I’ll add in the alternatives that will work for the various bits, too.

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Lovely design thank you! :cherry_blossom:

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Okay, BoM is up (along with a rather fancy iBOM for when the parts actually come back in stock)

Edit: I also adjusted the KiCad schematic and PCB files, so they’ll need downloading again.

Edit 2: If anyone knows how to configure the boards for V scoring or mousebite panelisation, please feel free to get stuck in!