Expanding to New SD Card?

Hi Everyone,

I started my Norns Shield back in December 2020 with a 16 GB SD card, and now find I am running out of space. I have not yet expanded the file system, but plan to do that tonight. If I find that I still don’t have enough space on the card (mxSamples is killing me :grinning: ), is there an easy way to copy my entire setup from the current 16 GB SD card to a new, larger card? Is this possible to do in Windows?

Thanks in advance!

on Windows (+ MacOS), the norns partition on your SD card is unfortunately not accessible by simply inserting it into an SD card reader.

but! if you host a hotspot from shield and connect to it from your computer (which has a fresh SD card mounted), you can pretty easily transfer the entirety of the dust folder from the shield to the SD card by mounting shield as a network drive via samba or sftp :slight_smile:

in case you need file system expansion steps: norns shield | monome/docs

hope this helps! let us know if you have any other q’s!

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Thank you, @dan_derks! I am hoping that I have a lot more storage available once I expand the file system so that creating a new card is not necessary. If it is necessary, would I just flash the new card with the stock Norns software, and then replace the new dust folder with my old one using Samba?

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yep, that’s it! audio, code, and data are the only spots where user-generated data lives — and those are all in the dust folder

Excellent - thank you very much!! One last question, please. Do you know how large of an SD card the Norns Shield/Raspberry Pi 3 can handle? If I do upgrade, can I go up to 64 GB?

there’s no set maximum. shield cards are ext4-formatted – ext4 can support up to a billion gb, which is wiiiild. all to say, 64gb shouldn’t be a problem.

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Thank you so much, @dan_derks !!

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