Experimental music notation resources



Here’s some parts of scores my friend Matana makes. She’s an incredible saxophonist and multi-media performer.



I went to a Channa Horwitz exhibition last year in London at Raven Row Gallery and it completely blew my mind. Then I wrote somewhere: must go back and study these and then of course got distracted into something else. Thanks for posting!


Saw this on instagram


Hi guys, so me and a two friends collaborated to create a notation based cover for a magazine inspired in John Cage’s Notations book. We have a video showing how it was made, you can watch watch it on Vimeo
Hope you like it! :slightly_smiling_face:


These are amazing!! I just soaked up a number of hours pouring through it all.
I recall seeing this a few years back. Its a sound performance based on some experimental notation.


Stunningly beautiful score. Musically however…


this thread is so cool🙂
here’s a few thoughts to contribute:

improvising is a part of everyone’s life
language comes after
everything we see,
is a reflection of our mind

here’s a photographic 'score
plz use it to compose a 3 min modular piece



Hello, Im H.H. Alejandro here is my score… Im a composer…


And a link to the music?


the pd patch will be ready soon,


Many years ago i’ve worked this piece from Maurizio Kagel with 5 young dancers as an educational project. Was fun !!


Scores: An Anthology of New Music (Roger Johnson) - found this at an estate sale a year or so ago, great resource. has everything you would expect (up to '80) and plenty of lesser known composers.




Such a nice, simple idea!
Very cool.


This seemed like it could fit here: https://soundmorphology.blogspot.se/2014/02/nelson-howes-fur-music-continuation-of.html?spref=fb


Not actual notation, but it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it:

NES RAM contents during 7.5 seconds of SMB3 gameplay. Snapshotted at each new frame. Plotted only addresses that changed. By Michael Fogleman | Original Source


I delved into graphical notation back in 2016 - here is the piece performed live. The markings are derived from the histograms of two photographs I took in The Pinnacles, Western Australia.

Five instruments featured here:

Bass Flute
Bass Clarinet


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I recently discovered the architect/artist Pancho Guerdes works and I find his floorplan/architectural sketches to have a quality similar to the outer dimension of experimental music notation posted in this thread. And I wanted to share.

Would be fun to hear/make a musical interpretation of these. I find them hugely inspirational on many levels!