Experimental music notation resources



that might be my fav post in this thread

such style!


I agree! :smile:
To me these (especially all the vertical ones) seem to convey a very distinct sense of language. I love how the precise graphic expression is balanced with a kind of poetic openness of interpretation.


I think @laborcamp has won this thread. Keeps getting better!


Don’t think these have been posted yet…

Mads Emil Nielsen - FRAMEWORK


Lovely! Never seen those. Thank you for sharing @analogue01 !


I don’t think anyone’s posted any Christian Wolff yet – here’s a page from Music for 1, 2 or 3 People:


Wow! Amazing! Thank you for sharing!
Did you take this picture?


You’re welcome! Glad you like it. And yes, I took that picture a little earlier that evening – it showed up in the mail today.


Could you post more then?
I would love to see more… if possible.


Sure, will post some more when the light is good again…


Amazing thread! Thanks laborcamp for sharing all this, so much awesome stuff here.

I’m a designer/architect and I sometimes struggle with the imbalance between the relative ease of creating finished 2D/3D work compared to the more nebulous and amorphous world of sound. Visual ideas are much easier for me to generate and resolve, whereas musical ideas can be much more challenging to structure and organize.

Just a few days ago I was sketching out the “story arc” of an upcoming live set as an exercise to try and address this gap. It’s not really a compositional notation so much as a line graph showing the relative energy of each track in the set. Thought it was worth sharing:


Roland Kayn:


Dick Higgins:


Anestis Logothetis:


is anyone familiar with any video scores?

improvising along with film is a somewhat common practice but i’m talking about through composed

i made one somewhat recently but the performance was kind of a disaster as my computer died about 30 seconds in…


@tehn posted this link (earlier in this thread) on animated scores:



would be really cool to see a piece of hers woven with a loom!


Carlos Cruz De Castro (altered by Marco Fusinato):


Roman Haubenstock-Ramati:

and his famous “Alone”:


Morton Feldman: