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teletype disting ex integration thread
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first thoughts:

the most exciting bit for me is i2c. after scanning the manual it looks like faderbank (in leader mode) is the primary use case. this means it responds to the er-301 “set CV” command - so in theory you should be able to use it with teletype immediately by using SC.CV op. and indeed, the default i2c address (which can be set to any address) is the er-301 address.

since it’s configurable, you should be able to change it to one of the telexo addresses too and use TO.CV op instead, if you already have er-301 (or use a different TXo address if you already have 1-3 TXos on the bus).

looks like right now you can only use i2c to control algo parameters - i hope os considers adding the ability to also use i2c to load presets and switch algos. this also means you can’t use it as a i2c-select bus converter at the moment.

still, pretty exciting to have processing / sampler unit with i2c control! just wish it wasn’t 50mm deep…

it also displays i2c history - combined with fully configurable address this could be a great tool for developers who need to debug i2c related stuff.


I hadn’t spotted that it had i2c. That’s outstandingly good news! I guess this means it would also be possible to control it from Norns via crow?

I basically couldn’t get past the demo video for arpeggiation - what an absolutely fantastic demonstration!

I think the multisample algorithm is the big selling point (so so so happy to have a felt piano in eurorack!), but the more humble matrix mixer looks awesome too. I’m just starting to think of the possibilities with that when the mix parameters are controlled from teletype for example…


yeah, should work as it would be just like controlling er-301.

and then combine that with grid integration (something like the morphing faders scene)…

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(Courtesy of Eurorack memes for voltage controlled teens)


I dreamed of a “Super Disting in 8-10hp with an OLED display” for a while now, and even called it “Super Disting” in a post or two. I was imagining a bigger display, but not double the Disting and i2c. So I’m pretty thrilled by this!

Even with the Disting EX matrix mixer mode, I’m still replacing my A-138m with an AI008 4x3 matrix mixer; I figure an analog mixer is good to have for feedback patches and will still do its thing while Disting’s on other duties. Though an i2c-controlled VCA matrix is a pretty exciting thought. :slight_smile:


yeah, wouldn’t be practical to try to control 24 nodes with 4 knobs, so not a replacement for a proper matrix mixer if you want manual control. but having i2c control would open some exciting possibilities not easily replicable otherwise (you’d need something like 4ms vca matrix + 4x Txos).

you could store 10 snapshots using pattern banks, then morph between them / use the turtle op and have it “crawl” over your matrix turning nodes on and off / calculate node values automatically and create movements / use conway’s game of life to control the matrix / use grid as a switch matrix controller etc etc


Os listens. Some of us suggested making a full on multitrack interface for Eurorack. He gave us the ES-9. Many of us suggested a Super Disting to address the display problem, and now that has become practical, he gives us the EX. And there’s so much attention to detail. Much respect.


I would have been sold on a “felt piano in euro” module alone, the fact that its also a more powerful double disting definitely puts it in the “what do I not need anymore to make room and free up funds” category.


As someone who doesn’t have an ER-301 yet, but is trying to acquire one. Is this multisample example possible via the 301, presently?

Regardless, this seems, much like O_C, to be a sort of “you’ll want this sometimes” kind of module.

Also, focusing on the Piano demo was a smart move, as I think it’s safe to say a large number of people can get hype for a proceedural player piano.

None of the playback units in ER-301 have polyphony except the granular units. You can use multiple units to get around this, of course, but it’s limited by CPU and your control routing skills. Custom units like tomf’s Polygon can help demonstrate what’s possible if you want to dig deeper into the middle layer coding.

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Thank you for the clarification. I had assumed as much, because I went looking at one point to no avail, but I always feel like I am overlooking something when I search the OD forums.

Looks to be a neat module. Heads up for those with a IJ Palette case, I think it’s the same depth as General CV which is 50mm.

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Yeah, from Intellijel’s website, doesn’t look like it’ll fit in a palette case:

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checks balance in ‘fun’ bank account… £284.56… close enough!

So… what’s the best way to multisample a prexisting VST/AU then…? (Bonus points if it’s done with Python/Lua!)

edit: Python VSTi host:


I’m no expert with my 301 yet, but the polyphony example in the Disting video would take some doing in the 301. I think to actually get something that wouldn’t sap cpu you’d have to do it in the middle layer.

Im seriously considering the new Disting along with my 301.

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Great stuff from Expert Sleepers as always.

Saying that, I’ve barely scratched the surface of my Disting Mk4 (and the same goes for my ornament & crime - yet to try out hemispheres) so I don’t think I’ll feel the need to own this anytime soon! But I do look forward to hearing what people do with the new algorithms.


I was looking at Rample or Assimil80r for Soft Piano samples but this will do nicely as it is already preloaded for me. Very happy.

I can see why polyphonic multisampling could be cool in a modular context, modulating or processing voices individually. But the excitement about this feature also strikes me a little strange because multisampled instruments are the kind of thing that people would often deride as just ‘romplers’.

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Yea the matrix mixer is the part that’s got me really considering this… I feel like crow is available to me for most of the other stuff (and I have delays for days).

… But the idea of being able to switch algos via I2C as part of norns/crow scenes is extremely attractive.

Edit because I know Os tends to read this stuff, the webpage header for the Disting EX manual pdf shows “ES-9”.

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