Expert Sleepers Disting EX

Amazing as ever with OS and this multisampling is tremendous

nice guy too (sold me a 3 tier stand recently)

super excited to order thursday :slight_smile:

Wow I’m loving this demo so much, definitely want to spend some deep time with this ingenious module. But, just saying, what’s with the Sega Genesis graphics??

This thing is a total beast on paper!

96kHz with 700µs latency is pretty darn impressive. Especially for streaming off a uSD card?


It looks like the included Spitfire samples are all from the Labs collection which are totally free anyway! Would absolutely recommend trying them out if you use VST’s at all, some amazing sounds.

But yeah I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with using this!


Here’s something for anyone else out there needing some stillness, all sounds from the Disting Ex played by kria and beautifully tickled by @Olivier ‘s Compass.


i put in a pre-order for two of these last week.
looks like i will have four Disting mk4s for sale soon!


Is that the spitfire piano then?

Yes - the only problem with it that I’m finding is that it does something odd to time. Whenever I sit down for a quick half hour at the modular, suddenly it’s the middle of the night… :wink:


Ah, I thought that was only me. Filing under feature not bug.


Is it possible to have too many Distings?

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true…but my modular is out of real estate and i REALLY don’t want to move into a bigger case.

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This thing is nuts. First patch with the multi sample using one of the dulcimer Banks. Can’t wait to start building my own sample libraries again.


Has anyone else had the chance to try it with i2c? I didn’t have any luck with a quick go at it (using SC.CV) but I also didn’t spend a lot of time with it yet either.

The display is super tiny for my poor eyes, and I’m going to have to shuffle modules around and lean over it (and maybe even use a magnifying glass :frowning: ). The SD card is a real challenge to pop out and in too, with adult human sized fingers, but aside from firmware updates I’m unlikely to swap samples around very much with it.

I think I’m going to have mixed feelings about it as with the mk4, but the mix is biased more toward the positive this time. Navigation is improved, but it’s not quite manual-free as I (re-)acquaint myself with the algorithms.

Using it as a polyphonic sample player, controlled by Eurorack sequencing, feels really weird and mind-bending. Probably not something I will often want to use in my own music but it’ll be neat to have it on tap for those occasions.


So, messing with it more: when I use SC.CV I can see it in the i2c history on the Disting EX.

SC.CV 9 0: 62 10 08 00 00
SC.CV 9 1: 62 10 08 00 01
SC.CV 9 16384: 62 10 08 40 00
SC.CV 9 32768: 62 10 08 7F FF
SC.TR 4 1: 62 00 03 00 01
TO.CV 4 15: no response

According to the manual, the Disting EX is expecting an 11 rather than a 10 for the second byte for parameter control. So I guess Teletype will need another op?

try using SC.CV.SET instead (it doesn’t use slew unlike SC.CV, my guess is that’s what faderbank sends)


Ah! That’s the ticket. You also have to add 1 to the ID number.

E.g. if ID #8 is mapped to Mix_1->1, you have to SC.CV.SET 9 x

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yep, the ops are 1-based, so they subtract 1

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Good to get it working. :slight_smile:

As far as value scale goes: the default matrix mixer range is -200% to +200%.

0 = -200%
4096 = -100%
8192 = 0%
12288 = 100%
16384 = 200%

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envious! still waiting for the 2 i’ve ordered, can’t wait to try them with teletype.

I did wind up buying a desk-mounted magnifying glass on eBay.

Mappings only apply to the single-mode algorithms. But since the dual-mode algorithms have much more limited parameters, that seems like an OK limitation.