Expert Sleepers ES-8 + MAX


Does this mean you found a way around the latency?


That looks lovely. Would love to hear it!


I’ve got it in a spot where I’m not noticing significant latency. I’m definitely still keeping my eye/ear on that aspect of the module for sure though. I have the vector size quite low and my processor isn’t even at 10%, so I think I’ll be alright. I don’t plan on doing super intensive processing either so hopefully it’ll be ok :slight_smile:


At some point I may get to actually recording something, but I just haven’t felt interested in recording anything lately really or in a hurry to do that at least. I’m not at a point where it’s remotely ready and my brain was firing all night thinking of better approaches and eventually getting it set up to use with my Killamix controlling some key parameters. Going to take me awhile :slight_smile:


No worries, I understand. Just excited. :slight_smile:


Is anyone interested in getting a little ‘study group’ forum together of Expert Sleepers/Max/modular users? Karl and I have discussed it and I didn’t know if anyone else was interested.


I’m interested. Just discovered @trickyflemming’s Euromax package over the weekend. Would love to understand what’s necessary for outputting CV from Max.

Seems like a nice complement to BEAP


All you need is a DC coupled audio interface - either of the standalone variety like MOTUs or the module variety like the Expert Sleepers’.

PS watching this thread now cause I just got an ES-8 myself :slight_smile:


Here’s a big list of dc coupled interfaces:


I have an es-3/es-6. The question is about what is required on the max side.


Nothing extra is required, other than awareness of the bajillion voltage standards.

ES-3 expects your computer to output things in +/- 1.0 range.
ES-6 takes in +/- 10V from the modular and converts it to the +/- 1.0 range.
ES-8 follows suit.

BEAP does everything in the +/- 5.0 range (maybe 10.0?), as it expects to interface directly with your audio interface without scaling. If you use the BEAP output module, it converts everything to an ES-3 safe value. You’ll also want to scale (boost) messages from the ES-6 for the BEAP range. They may have changed that, but it was like that the last time I checked.

Euromax does everything in +/- 1.0. It can be connected directly to an ES-3/6 or 8 without scaling. However, Euromax was written by a newbie grad student in Max 5, so there are tons of bugs.

Euro Reakt (for Reaktor) can also interface directly to an ES-3/6 or 8 without scaling.

Regular Max/MSP (i.e. not BEAP) does everything in whatever range you tell it. Most of the MSP objects expect a signal in the +/- 1.0 range, so they’ll connect directly to ES-3/6 or 8 without scaling.


Yep, basically anything at signal rate value range (+/- 1.0) can go straight to the dac~


Thank you! I was totally in the dark about those voltage ranges and the scaling.


Count me in.
(Apparently quotes don’t count towards 20 characters!)


One thing to add to @trickyflemming’s great post is that you’ll sometimes want to limit the ranges coming out of Max depending on what the end destination is in your modular. I’ll sometimes set up faders in Max so I can control the upper and/or lower range coming out of it manually while tweaking a patch.
Of course you can do this attenuation in the modular realm too.


Karl had suggested maybe a Facebook group, but I know people here have mixed feelings or no accounts. I really don’t know much about designing a forum and Google+ is sort of goofy. Slack seems handy but is more of a chat room vibe. Any thoughts on format?

Jason, the scale object very quickly becomes your friend I’ve discovered in tinkering with things on the ES-8. Another challenge for someone like me who isn’t expert in Max is just sort of converting different types of signals into other types. That Kadenze class had a super handy PDF though that has been sitting on my desk ever since:


I could set up a Discourse forum for us potentially. Another idea is to ask @tehn to create a category for us here.


One of those options would be good for me.
I don’t have a Facebook account.


Jason, if you know how do a Discourse forum and have the time, that’d be swell. I assume we can upload files (patches to share) there? If not we can always make a shared Dropbox or something as a workaround.


Max patches definitely upload fine on Discourse. I’ve sent a few to people without issue.