Expert Sleepers ES modules + Max & Ableton Live

What about Hybrid Modular Systems?

Although if that limits things too much I think the “music” option is absolutely fine.

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I also have a domain name: that was going to be used for a blog or some such that hasn’t happened yet. So I’m thinking Long name on the site can be “Hybrid Modular Study Group”



I am down for this as well.

I’m also interested. I don’t actually have a ES module at this point, but as an old Max-head I’ve always been curious. Would love to learn more by reading all your conversations.

tldr, sorry! do we want a new category? title? do we anticipate enough threads?

We can do that. What do you think @sellanraa? Wanna keep the discussion here and avoid fragmenting it?

I think the category is “Study group”. Some existing threads that would fit there:

etc. but what I’d really like to see, that is a bit different from the teletype code exchange, is one thread per topic. So that you don’t end up scrolling wildly up and down in one massive thread to navigate between each patch idea being discussed. It’s a lot more threads and a lot more granularity. If that sounds good to you @tehn, I’d be in favor of keeping it here.

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agreed, and it is done:


Yay! One less thing on my todo list tonight, and one less line item on my DigitalOcean bill. Thanks @tehn.

Very interested in this. I’m a long time Max user, but am thinking about getting into modular. This idea of a combined system (thereby not giving up the Max stuff I love) is very appealing.

I’m thinking of a system where sound generation and final mix/effects are done in Max, but having an intermediary phase at the modular. I really like the idea of developing a system where inputs to, and outputs from the modular are always the same (eg always using 1-4 out for audio, always using 4-6 out for CV etc). So then you could have a bank of generator/mix combinations in Max, and if you patched the modular up in a new and interesting way, it would be possible to recall older Max patches and the ins/outs to still work a as expected.

Coming from the Max, side it would be good to get some opinions of modules for this from people here. I think I might have some useful Max stuff around to share too.

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Sure, that did actually cross my mind: Approach for combining Max + Modular

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I run my es3 off the adat of my uln2. No need for aggregate device, works well. I’d rather have everything off non aggregate setup but it does work between some brands.

I’m in too, would be great to get my max <-> modular chops up to speed :slight_smile:

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You’ll find the discussions here:

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Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but I’m having a super frustrating problem with my ES8. I really love this thing and I do not want to live without it but it’s pretty much been busted in some way or another from the moment I got it. I sent it out to get fixed and because of customs issues I was without it for many weeks. This is my only sound card so you can imagine this was incredibly frustrating for me. After getting it back from repair I noticed new problems that only got worse and worse and now today it’s been rendered completely unusable. I’m in the middle of a bunch of projects right now and I really don’t want to go through the whole customs charade again but I guess I’ll have to.

Has anyone else had problems with theirs? Buzzing, crackling, drop outs, DAW not recognizing it, no audio going in or out at all, etc…?

What kind of USB port do you have it on? Is it sharing a port? Is it an ATMEL or Intel USB port? What DAW are you using? What kind of computer and CPU are using? What operating system are you using? Have you updated the ES-8 drivers to 1.10? Are you using ASIO? Which drivers from Expert Sleepers are you using?

I have it plugged directly into my 2013 Macbook Pro (2.4 GHz Intel Core i7) Running High Sierra 10.13.6
No driver is required for macOS.

I tried both USB ports on my laptop, 2 USB cables, and 2 ribbon cables for power.

It’s not a power issue either. It worked fine for a while after getting it back and new problems kept popping up as time went on. All of my other modules work fine on the same power.

How are you using it in terms of in/out in your daw. Just I’ve had issues as an aggregate device in osx.

I use mine in Windows 10 using ASIO4ALL as the aggregating device with an Apollo Twin Duo handling audio interface duties to my monitors. I use Bitwig 2.4 to map the ES-8, ES-3, and ES-6 ins and outs between the DAW and my rack. I’ve only had problems with dropouts, pops, and glitches when using certain drivers from ES in combination with an older release of Bitwig and on those occasions when I connect to particular USB ports that my devices don’t like. So, that’s my experience. Don’t think it’s going to help either of you.

Well, perhaps not directly, but it’s aggregate device + pops and clicks that’s my problem too. So helpful in a way. For me it creeps in over 10+ minutes of use - just a few clicks here and there. That’s Max outputting to the modular through ES8, then back to Max for more processing and finally out of my Macbook output.

Perhaps some clocking problem?

I’m hoping that when I finally update OSX and go to Max 8 it might just disappear…

Are your buffers sized right? Usually that’s the culprit with USB audio clicks and dropouts.