Expert Sleepers ES modules + Max & Ableton Live


I appreciate this g.

Os is an extremely helpful and clever developer and without approaching him and the forum my Es3/5/6/7/4CV/8Gt /8MD (x2) would be a mess of wires and i’d have even less hair hehe

I think I need to buy an ES8 :slight_smile:


I’m liking mine.

I lost out on an ES-3/ES-6 bundle on eBay last week, and am super bummed about it. That combination (running lightpipe in and out of the ES-8 for additional ports) would be insanely powerful.

it is proper nuts running cv back in to ableton and controlling the cv with lfo etc.

and I use the ES6 & ES7 as audio outs sometimes too

I am obsessed with the expert sleepers modules :slight_smile:

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been using ES8/6/3 with Max for about a year now. totally love it.

has anyone ever made (or used or heard of) these?

it seems incredible, & since it’s MIDI you could have this + ES combos…?

this crowd might be interested in this ->


Thank you for sharing that. Stretta is great and I didn’t know he’d developed this but it looks fantastic.

Are there any functional differences between the ES-3 and ES-8 as far as receiving and transmitting CV?

I’m going to be using a KMix to send my individual channels and I’m an avid programmer so I’m thinking about incorporating my computer for CV tools that I build myself, so I’m asking this question since it seems like the ES-3 has the subset of functions that I’m looking for.

I’m part of a group buy with a bunch of strangers on Facebook, and will hopefully receive two PCBs… someday. (edit: I just checked in with them, got a tracking number. so, maybe next week?)

I figured I’ll probably hack the code to be more automation centric (focused on 14 bit pitch bend instead of 7 bit notes or CC).

But, yeah. Seems like what we really need is to revive this project.

Hi all,

I completed a series of deep-dive articles on using the ES-3 & Voice Controller plugin and the ES-5 & ES-5 Controller plugin with Ableton Live – with particular focus on understanding signal flow with these modules and plugins. I would’ve loved having something like this when I was getting started with Expert Sleepers stuff, so hopefully this’ll be a welcome source of info for newcomers.

In addition to written explanations, each post includes downloadable Live sets with fully working configurations. All you need to do is adjust the track inputs/outputs for your setup. Screenshots are provided for reference as well if you’d rather work from those.

Building a toolkit in Ableton Live
Introduces the toolkit concept that sets up the next articles

Live toolkit: Expert Sleepers Voice Controller calibration
How to do it, including an explanation of calibration signal routing

Live toolkit: MIDI to CV with Expert Sleepers’ ES-3 Lightpipe/CV
Including a rigorous review of Voice Controller’s outputs, the Output Matrix, and signal routing from VC to Live and from Live to the ES-3

Live toolkit: MIDI to CV with Expert Sleepers’ ES-5 ‘ES-3 Expander’
Including an explanation of how ES-3 / ES-5 expansion works; freeing up ES-3 outputs by moving gates to the ES-5; comparing stacked vs. collapsed instances of ES-5 Controller as well as a description of how ES-5 Controller’s ‘Thru’ function works (includes diagram!)

Live toolkit: Polyphony with Expert Sleepers’ Voice Controller
Setting up Voice Controller for polyphony and for paraphonic response


P.S. Thank you to @expertsleepers for providing feedback to me on these articles over the last month!