Expert Sleepers General CV

Any thoughts on this (relatively) new module and suitability for use in a Teletype-TX- ecosystem?

It is a pretty specific beast but I’ve been very happy with other ES beasts!

Just picked up one of these. Was wondering if anyone who owns it would care to share some impressions?
Unique ways you are using it?

There seems to be very little info out about this module save for a few tradeshow videos which I find almost impossible to watch.

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That’s why I’ve stalled on buying one. I love the idea but it is a lot of $$ without a clear idea that it is worthwhile.

Agreed but I ultimately pulled the trigger for that reason: The challange of having something quite deep to learn over time.

I feel like a ton of people are just turned off by General MIDI and as a result have not bought into this module yet.

Really looking forward to seeing / hearing what you do with it.

I like General MIDI. Just stuck on this module $ versus … I was actually thinking of using with the Pattern Generator module…

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Love the idea and was thinking of getting 1. i‘ve seen videos by Os going pretty mental with it. I guess the appeal is having a multitimbral soundengine being fully cv controllable. I have the same kind of moments when i trigger 9ties multitimbral synths with hermod-the Sound possibilities increase exponentially.

And it plays GM songs😆…‘i just called to say i love you!‘ full blast in the middle of n00dling waveforms-thats as punk as can be!

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I have a General CV and I have a love/hate relationship with it.


  • The amount of potential in this single module is incredible.
  • If you love the sound of General MIDI and want that sound out of the box, this module will deliver.
  • The modes supplied with this module allow you explore the sounds you can get out of General MIDI in ways you wouldn’t expect.


  • The screen is tiny. I have almost perfect vision and it’s still hard to read the text on the screen.
  • I’m not sure if it’s my particular module, but I find that it flakes out on me occasionally.
  • If you want it do things that aren’t part of the supplied modes be prepared to do a lot of menu diving.

If you have a small system and don’t do much tweaking to the default settings, all the sounds that come out of this will sound like the General MIDI sounds. In a larger system if you pass the output through filters and effects and it’s in a mix with other sounds you would never know it’s General MIDI.
Tweaking the attack, decay, and filter settings will get you away from the stock sounds, but this can be fiddly because you will have to page through multiple screens to get to the right settings.


It seems an ES thing to have tiny hard to read screens, though the new DIsting is apparently much more readable.
You’ve inspired me to take another kick at it this week. See how my experience differs. I remember getting frustrated pretty fast…

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I totally agree with this review. And … Appart from being a sound source, the module is also a great CV to Midi converter (10 converters) Since it also features Midi Input, I once asked Os about the possibility to add MPE support to the module. I really wanted to play general midi with a Linnstrument at that time. He said it’s totally feasible, unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet.