Expo 74 Meetup

Hey ya’ll,

I’ll be coming up to Expo 74 with a bunch of folks from NYU ITP, it’d be great to meet some of ya’ll in person. I’ll prob be performing as well on Saturday night and would love to catch some shows from other lines members.

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:wave: I’ll be there as well. I’m not planning to perform, but looking forward to listening and meeting folks.

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anyone else at expo74?

i’ll be there all day tomorrow. playing in the evening.

lines meetup point? 4ish? (after the deru talk?)

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this is pleasant news

i had my eye on the Schonbeck Instruments bit at 4 (https://expo74.sched.com/event/O5ra/meetup-the-schonbeck-instruments)… but could probably grab a coffee downstairs first