Expressive E Osmose

Never got an email either (although I have not checked my spam). Finally ordered and on the way hopefully. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Out of curiosity, has anyone got theirs shipped yet?

yes, received the Osmose in January 2023 (@ Germany)

My bad, I should have specified in US :slight_smile:


Just paid for mine! :partying_face:

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My Osmose arrived yesterday (in North America).

Wow, this thing is wild, and it’s going to take a lot of learning and practice to get to where I’ll feel like I’m really one with the instrument.

I’ve always realized pretty quickly that I’m going to have to get quite comfortable with the Eaganmatrix Editor, as I’m not liking how far detached I feel from the presets when using the instrument. It’s unfortunate that there doesn’t seem to even be a way to see what the pressure and aftertouch is controlling in the preset, as an example, without opening it up in the Eaganmatrix Editor.

I anticipate that I’ll be using this a lot for analog synth style pads, so it should be terribly difficult to figure out how to push the editor in that direction.

I guess this might also find me leaning harder towards using it as a controller for an external hardware synth more as well, depending upon how well that works.


Does anyone have a good overview resource of the editor?

I’m really curious about this primarily as a master controller and I find the physical modelling sounds I’m hearing less obviously a fit for my music and I’m curious what else is possible.

the eagan matrix PDF should show you the most basic things, though “basic” is not the optimal word for this weird stuff.


Thanks that is probably the best place to start, I think I was hoping for something more brief & broad but the manual certainly works.

Perhaps this helps: Sound Engine — Haken Audio

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I recommend Richard Kram’s Eagan Matrix tutorials:


Those were a big help when I was first learning.