Expressive E Touché Controller

I just pre-ordered. Anyone thinking about getting one of these bad boys? I can’t wait to try it with Kaivo or my MWXT. The percussive aspect is very appealing.

I’m seeing this on a kind of continuum, between Roli Blocks, the E Touché, Roli Rise, the Linnstrument, and, well, the Continuum. Increasing in cost + expressiveness.

This one seems to hit a sweet spot of cost vs. expressiveness. But it means splitting your hands between two purposes, rather than using both hands interchangeably for multiple purposes. I’m torn about how I feel about that. It’s certainly typical in string instruments to give each of your hands different tasks. Hmm…

I was going to get this till I tried the Continuum, which I just placed an order for today :slight_smile:

The Continuum also has a Touche mode. The name apparently comes from the Ondes Martenot which had a touche section that did all the expression with one hand while pitch was controlled with the other.

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I’ll be very eager to hear how you like it. (prediction: you’ll like it)

But I must say, if I wasn’t getting the Continuum, I would definitely have got a Touché. It’s really beautifully designed and feels like a solid object, the tactile feel is unmatched. It’s hard to describe in words, but everything is really nicely damped by virtue of it being mechanical. They have some really well designed and clever software for hosting VSTs within their own VST and making mapping and adjusting of curves a lot easier. It’s got CV outputs right on the controller itself so you can use it computer free. I feel the price is actually amazing value for what you get. I hope some people pick them up because it really is very cool. It was one of the highlights of NAMM for me last year, and I’m glad they were able to complete it for this year!


I’m so confused. I want a continuum but I can’t talk myself into the investment. Maybe this is the gateway I need until I’m feeling more flush.

Have you had a chance to play with the CV outputs? Just curious about the experience and how the different zones/pressures on the device act for CV vs vst/midi.

I don’t own it, I just got to play with it at NAMM, so I’m only able to speak from that experience.

That being said, the CV outputs are extremely versatile. You can use the application to define custom curves for every dimension and output, and a whole bunch of other options. Multiple presets can be saved for the CV functionality that you can switch through without connecting it to a computer.


I can’t find the price anywhere, has it been announced?

€399, on the order page here:


I’m also curious about how it is with CV. I feel like having a couple of these with a little 3U rack with Elements, Rings and some effects would be so much fun. Love the plucked/struck sounds people are getting out of them in the demos.

I’m expecting mine this February. It looks fun. I’ll share my first impressions once I get my hands on it.

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I’ve tested the early prototypes.
Lovely feeling, the software editor was incomplete but promising.
I will be touring with at least one of them.

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I’ll bet two of them would be very fun as tabla/bongos.

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That’s the first thing that has given me any major GAS in quite some time.
Looks really expressive and I like the computer/standalone midi/cv options.

This looks very very appealing. When are they shipping? Edit: looks like they’re shipping in under a week, it’s a shame/relief that the software is OSX only otherwise I might have had to buy one.

I am so excited for this. Now I’m thinking about pairing Touché with a ribbon controller to get more of that Ondes Martenot goodness.

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How well does this integrate with Max? perhaps you know @chapelierfou? I can’t find any info or tech specs on their site.

I’m totally uninterested in their VST software, but am keen to know what data comes (and can be derived) out of it, latency etc…

Didn’t try with max, sorry.
I couldn’t tell what’s the data as i mainly tested with a modular and just checked an early version of the vst. I’d be surprised if it’s plain MIDI.

so what do you get out as CV? Perhaps the answer is CV into an audio interface, then using that in MSP directly.