External grid power - ext5v alternative

I’m looking for a way to externally power my grid for use with White Whale in a case that doesn’t supply enough 5v. I’m in Berlin and no retailers in Europe appear to sell the ext5v. Due to limited rack space, I don’t want to get Switch. Can anybody recommend an alternative? I don’t really know what to look for on Amazon, etc…


I’m resurrecting this unanswered thread from two years ago because I’m in the same situation as the OP and can’t find the relevant info from searching.

I have a Doepfer case with +5V (PSU3). I am planning to buy a 128 and Ansible. I want to use the Grid plugged directly into the Teletype.

What exactly do I need to buy to power the Grid to be sure I don’t blow anything up? I’m in the UK.

There’s some useful information on this in the Ansible & grid / power issues thread, here specifically:

I took this approach (a USB Y splitter with the red power line cut in the data cable) and it’s been working ok for me. Plug my grid into the splitter, and then run the power end to a simple 5V apple phone charger and the data end directly to Ansible. My cable’s a little finicky, so I’d love to get an offworld if they happen to come back in stock at some point.

Edit: As @tehn and others have pointed out in the above threads, it’s critical to cut the power line from the data+power line if you’re gonna go the USB Y splitter route.

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Thanks for your help. I did look at that thread, but it seemed like this was a step further into the process and people were looking for a solution to interference.

Let me check I have this correct:

There is 1 USB output on the back of the Grid. Usually this would be plugged into (say) Ansible, which would provide power via the 5v rail. This (sometimes? always?) causes unwanted noise and so a Y-splitter cable is required to isolate the power from the data - with the power being provided by a separate 5v charger, as depicted in this post - Ansible & grid / power issues?

Furthermore, in the case of the Teletype, it’s not just that there could be interference but also that the Teletype could let too much power through from the 5v rail which could fry the Teletype or Grid in certain circumstances?

So the linked solution with the Y-cable would be a safe option for connecting the Grid to either Ansible or Teletype?

FWIW I got one of those and still have the same noise issues. Thinking it must be my power supply then (I have an Intellijel TPS-30), but haven’t found the time to try my WW with another case or power supply. No noise when using the grid with the computer…

I’m still looking for a fool-proof way to have my Grid connected to my Teletype where there is no risk of a power surge blowing the Teletype and, as a bonus, a reduction in noise.

To be clear, I am the fool for whom the solution needs proofing.

I bought this cable from Amazon in the UK:

… but the power+data cable lines are braided(?) rather than being two separate internal wires (of which I would cut the ‘red’). I thought I had cut the wrong one - so ordered a second cable and cut the other internal connection - but that doesn’t work either.

Is there someone in the UK who has successfully connected their Grid to their modular using this Y-Cable method - and can provide me with a link to the exact idiot/fool-proof cable (preferably on Amazon) which they have personally used? Can anyone sell me one they have successfully used?

I bought the Grid to use with Teletype - and it’s very frustrating to have to deal with this before I can even get started!

I soldered up my own splitter cable after searching fruitlessly for one that didn’t have the two USB A +5V lines tied together.

This is just crying out for a reverse version of the 4hp “switch” module that had two USB B and one USB A …

Edit: This one …


That’s beyond me, due to my failing eyesight and fat-fingered approach to anything involving solder.

@tehn, is there a reason you guys stopped making Offworlds?

I just bought this one yesterday and will take a look at it tonight. Could be the same one you have though… :thinking:


It looks very similar. Let me know how you get on. I can get power to the Grid with it, but no data.

Does anyone have an Offworld or Switch I could buy from them?

basically because we’re insanely busy and it’s an incredibly simple open-source first-soldering project.

i’ve been planning to make another batch but it keeps getting deprioritized as the flood of other tasks piles up.

you can build one of these for less than $10 and a cheap low quality soldering iron.

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I just purchased one of these and did the mod. Once you (carefully) cut through the black wire, you’ll see an (aluminum?) sheath that (once sliced open) contains the red wire you need to cut. I powered the grid with one of these:


Works great!

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I appreciate that Offworld batches are low on your priorities.

I have attempted and failed other soldering projects described as incredibly simple. My eyesight and dexterity are not up to the job but I will look into the open source instructions and find someone who can do the work for me. Thanks.

Inside the power+data cable I cut open there appeared to be two wires, one was bare and braided around the other which was sheathed.

I bought two Ycables and on the power+data side of one I cut the braided bare wire - on the other I cut the inner sheathed wire.

One of the Y-cables provides power but no data. The other has no power.

A combination of nerve problems, bad eyesight and colourblindness has resulted in my electrical engineering skills being laughably low. I can change a fuse - that is my limit.

@rikrak I’ve got a spare Offworld 2 here that I can send you if you PM me your address. OSH Park always sends 3 PCBs so I ended up with more than I need.


Thanks! You’re a gent. PM sent.

Also interested, if anyone has another spare.

For any of you folks wanting to know about these splitter cables, mine had a foil sheath covering the data and power wires (on the Data cable). Carefully slice through the foil and you’ll find the red power wire there to be cut. Tape up and you’re good to go. Cheers


Update: Thought I had this taken care of this with the intellijel USB module, but the high-pitched issue was revealed again when monitoring the modular through speakers (rather than the Zoom field recorder I had been since purchasing the grid and ansible). Powering the grid from an external/separate outlet (with the same USB splitter) was the only thing that fully solved it in the end.

Is there any chance you could take a pic of this set up?