External grid power - ext5v alternative


Is there any chance you could take a pic of this set up?


Sorry about the late reply. I’ll have another look and try to get some more pics, but I’ve already taped up the cable. I wanted to illustrate the foil wrapping some data cables might have, and which might put people off from cutting through to expose the red wire. It’s all good as long as you don’t make a mess of the cutting. Have you managed to sort yours?


No worries. I passed it on to my dad, who’s an electronic engineer :grinning:


Hi guys
First post om the forum. Yeay!
Sorry for the necrobump. I’m new here and to monome stuff and have just ordered a grid, which I am very much looking forward to getting into. :slight_smile:

So, I’m borrowing a Meadowphysics module from a friend until I can afford the Ansible. And since I don’t have enough amps in my Uzeus (or money left to get something more powerful) I’m thinking of DIY’ing something based upon the offworld principle.

My simple question goes as folIows: Is ground tied together between 5v supply and the two other destinations through/on the Offworld (or the Y-cable)? Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but have searched but not found anything yet.


yes, you need to tie the grounds together.

i’d highly recommend using a USB plug/supply to power the grid, to ensure you don’t connect some higher voltage by mistake


Great! Thanks, now I have a nice weekend project whilst waiting for the goodies to arrive. :smile: