Externally Clocked Ansible/Kria

If I clock Kria from an external source, and then stop the external clock, does Kria freeze until the next clock pulse is received?

just trying to work out if 2 grids + 2 ansible + a sequential switch would get me 32 beats worth of kria, if the sequentual switch flipped over control after 16 beats.

I believe so but couldn’t you simply use one ansible/grids and either use the switch for two tracks or even use he new meta sequence function? I understand if you absolutely must see and control all 32 steps at once but seems like a lot of gear to accomplish that.

Thank you so much for the reply.

Yes you are 100% correct in that 1 ‘set’ could achieve it all.

I am in the odd position, that due to a postal error(!), I have been delivered double what I ordered. I’m deciding if its best to send the duplicate set back, or to pay for it and keep it. Musically, I’m having trouble deciding what is for the best.


i’m still getting to know kria, but my two cents: between meta-sequencing, clock division & probability per parameter i’m rarely left wanting more steps.

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Related but unrelated question regarding externally clocking Ansible.

I haven’t really had the time to experiment to much with this yet, but I desire to clock my Ansible by, or sync it with, the BPM of my live set in Ableton Live. The idea is to be able to run re:mix in m4l and have that synced with my sequencers run by Kria on my modular set up. I’ve been trying different set ups syncing my modular to live sets earlier before I got Ansible+Grid. Had most luck by creating a track with a very short and loud hi-hat/click pulse. I just find it a little tricky and time consuming setting it up each time, and sometimes it doesn’t really feel too stable either.

Any tips or experiences with this? I would love to be able to switch using my Grid between sample processing in Ableton Live and running Kria with my modular, and having the two synced up : - ) It may be note worthy that I got a ES-8 in my rack, so I can easily send stuff from Ableton to my modules and vice versa.

might be worth starting a more general thread regarding clocking modular from ableton?

Agreed, I’ll do that!