Faderbank Run: See top post for status


this project is officially open source. details here: 16n is a bank of faders [release thread] [current version:1.32]

i still intend to offer a limited run of fully built units, but the timeline and price is unknown. these will have a revised aesthetic design and complete enclosure. you can register for update emails for these built units here: https://goo.gl/forms/kOMpXEggmnZCjvtg1

original post:

i’m thinking about building some more of these:

thought I’d do an interest check here and see if we can bring the costs down with a group run.

• front and rear panels with brushed aluminum.
• no markings or etchings
• same high quality alps slide pots
• rubber caps for slide pots
• rubber feet
• no side covers, for simplicity.
• usb midi (no cv)
• i2c integration could be AMAZING (paging @bpcmusic )

let me know if you’re interested in either a kit or fully built unit. not sure on price or timeline yet, but want to get the ball rolling.


Question: would it be worth also adding, say, mini-jack MIDI? I have sketches from the old thread for this, means the whole thing still fits low-profile, isn’t too much extra Teensy code. Not wanting to overcomplicate things, but offering up support.

(minijack MIDI would be switchable between the two standards, and still require power over the USB port, I’m afraid).


I am interested…

if this could be i2c enabled i would be very interested! would that require a firmware update only or does the hardware need to be modified as well?

if it’s just a firmware update i would be happy to help!
edit: to clarify, i would be interested in built version

yes this would be awesome, and i’d be very grateful to have your help with it. i will look into modifying the pcb layout that @tehn so kindly provided and sourcing a mini-jack.

I am also interested in a fully built unit.

So I have the original layout and made a version of the modification - I actually need to pay for EAGLE (long overdue) so I can work on something that big. I’m also happy to find sources for the extra BOM components (jack, a few caps, side mounted switch to swap between Korg and Arturia/Novation standards). Probably worth continuing that conversation not in public to begin with though.

There would need to be a set of I2C pins broken out on the board. Once that’s done, it’s all firmware. Though I’ll leave that to someone more versed in I2C than I (like @bpcmusic).

Interested in a kit!

I’m definitely interested in a built unit.

Very interested in a built unit.

I’d be interested in a kit!

breaking out the TWI pins would be a very good idea for direct integration with aleph, modular, and New Things. just two holes for 0.1" header pins would be fine.

(as you already know i’m sure, TWI0 pins on teensy 3.1/3.2 are (18, 19) by default, (16, 17) alternately. (37, 38) for TWI1)

adding i2c slave transmission is about as simple as it gets:


some day we will want to have a proper discussion about a unified message format for this kind of thing (i2c controllers)

(i’d be interested in one of these if i didn’t already have Too Many Faders And Teensys around. though i have to say the PCB quote seems a bit expensive. hope you get enough interest for a good break) actually on second thought put me down for a PCB and batch of alps, if it helps.


very interested! ! !

interested in a built unit :slight_smile:

Yes I would love that. Count me in!

would it make sense to include a 3.5mm jack as well?

very interested in kit or built!

I can sort of imagine using each slider as an attenuator, but that’d be 32 jacks… kind of a different thing. Maybe you had a different idea in mind?

that was in reference to the ii communication bus

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