Faderbank Run: See top post for status


Very interested for an assembled unit.CV outs a plus.USB connectivity, please.


count me in, happy to build myself.

stoked that it’ll do both midi & cv


With the CV integrated, I am definitely a customer for this.


My interest is piqued :grin:

Partial diy as i suck at smt, or assembled.


This would be amazing with the cv outs. 100% interested!


Thanks everybody for input, it’s really appreciated and useful. I’ve been tied up with Actual Work so have not moved anything forward in the past week and a bit - hence it was a good time to let this thread grow.

I am working on deliberately not making this:


and so its unlikely functionality will change much; there will certainly not be any more significant features added.

The relatively naive CV out solution (buffered via the faders direct) is designed as “just enough for a surprising number of use cases, and much better than nothing”. And if you don’t want to use the sixteen jacks along the back: nobody is making you use them! It still works fine as a MIDI box (and, for the people who’ve mentioned devices like the FH-1, for instance, it would work fine patched straight into that). I would also not make judgments about the final hardware based on images you’ve seen of prior versions - I know there’s been talk amongst ourselves of aluminium top-plates, for instance, which change the weighting a lot. But similarly, don’t imagine it will change hugely significantly beyond materials used and minor dimensional changes. I can confirm, form-factor wise, it is still the width of a 128 grid, and still slightly shorter. I’ve always been using the 128 as a constraint, size-wise.

There’s nothing to stop people exploring building external expanders with added functionality (such as controllable ranges/curves, wider ranges, yadda yadda); but I am not designing and making two complex electronic things at once. Making two things at once is no fun at all, and is more than twice as hard as making one. Making one, in our spare time, is hard enough.

Don’t forget, if you have opinions of your own about this design, you are welcome (when they’re published) to all the open source files and to make your own modifications/forks.

So: next steps for us are probably finalising a few choices to get prototypes built, and we’ll see how that goes.

16n is a bank of faders [release thread] [current version:1.33]
16n is a bank of faders [release thread] [current version:1.33]

Sounds great!
I love everything you are saying here!
May you be blessed with copious amounts of “free time”.


Also still very interested. I think all the features will be very useful to me.


chiming in to say i’m very interested— preferably pre-built.


Keeping my eyes on this hopefully a bit dow the road or a second run if there ever was one.

While I’m in the not too certain department I might like to go diy as a long term project supervised by a friend, smds done beforehand. I’d be open to a prebuilt from the EU as well.

Only thing keeping me from embracing this is that I won’t have room for my grid and the tt keyboard and arc I’m shooting for.

I’d use this for a 301 and it wouldn’t kill me to drill a hole my case for accessing the i2c noodle nest inside.


– sounds great! interested in a partial kit or prebuilt. ( sans enclosure perhaps… ) best of luck with it all.


oh ya! still interested. im in the minority that will probably only use midi out and loved that simplicity, but cv makes sense and it is objectively a v cool design. pre-built preferred :cake:


I’d also toss in for wanting one of these if there is another run.


I’d likely be up for a built one, especially with CV. Thanks.


im extremely interested in a built faderbank with cv! thanks for all your work.


Very interested in this but will just watch for now. Well done


Surely one can just leave out the jacks if you don’t want the CV out functionality? They’re the major cost right?

Trying to get a breakout box for 16 CV outs over I2C will be much much harder than the buffered analogue outs that @infovore is proposing. I’m no EE, but I would expect the complexity and cost to be equal or in excess of @bpcmusic’s Telex modules.

This x1000.


The faders are the major cost; the jacks are ~$10 maximum if you leave them out. You still need the opamps/voltage dividers because of the circuit design.

Yeah, it’d basically going to turn into a Big Telex: more DACs, another microcontroller, etc. If you’re interested in building one, Telex is a good starting point for designing one.


Chiming in to second x2mirko - everything about this update is lovely and I’m super interested!


Have been wondering this for the last couple of days: How feasible would motorized faders be?
Would they be too large to make it fit?
(not suggesting they should be motorized by default, but would be a nice if motorized faders would be possible)