Faderbank Run: See top post for status


chiming in to say i’m very interested— preferably pre-built.



Keeping my eyes on this hopefully a bit dow the road or a second run if there ever was one.

While I’m in the not too certain department I might like to go diy as a long term project supervised by a friend, smds done beforehand. I’d be open to a prebuilt from the EU as well.

Only thing keeping me from embracing this is that I won’t have room for my grid and the tt keyboard and arc I’m shooting for.

I’d use this for a 301 and it wouldn’t kill me to drill a hole my case for accessing the i2c noodle nest inside.



– sounds great! interested in a partial kit or prebuilt. ( sans enclosure perhaps… ) best of luck with it all.



oh ya! still interested. im in the minority that will probably only use midi out and loved that simplicity, but cv makes sense and it is objectively a v cool design. pre-built preferred :cake:



I’d also toss in for wanting one of these if there is another run.



I’d likely be up for a built one, especially with CV. Thanks.

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im extremely interested in a built faderbank with cv! thanks for all your work.



Very interested in this but will just watch for now. Well done



Surely one can just leave out the jacks if you don’t want the CV out functionality? They’re the major cost right?

Trying to get a breakout box for 16 CV outs over I2C will be much much harder than the buffered analogue outs that @infovore is proposing. I’m no EE, but I would expect the complexity and cost to be equal or in excess of @bpcmusic’s Telex modules.

This x1000.



The faders are the major cost; the jacks are ~$10 maximum if you leave them out. You still need the opamps/voltage dividers because of the circuit design.

Yeah, it’d basically going to turn into a Big Telex: more DACs, another microcontroller, etc. If you’re interested in building one, Telex is a good starting point for designing one.



Chiming in to second x2mirko - everything about this update is lovely and I’m super interested!



Have been wondering this for the last couple of days: How feasible would motorized faders be?
Would they be too large to make it fit?
(not suggesting they should be motorized by default, but would be a nice if motorized faders would be possible)



highly complex. even if they fit, you need all the extra pinouts to control the motors, presumably via DACs. and I have no idea if they would. so: new parts, change the layout, add more circuitry and some kind of chained DAC, possibly SPI, to control the motors.

It would not be a simple “just drop them in” manoeuvre.

if you’re interested in that, I recommend taking the (eventual) open-source files as a starting point, and going from there.

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Does indeed sound complex :wink:
Thx for the info!



In anticipation for the real thing, here is an implementation using TouchOSC to control parameters in an Aalto patch. Its silly and spooky.



As I keep thinking about how having one of these will be super cool, I’m also thinking about laying out a laser compatible full enclosure case for this - not that it truly needs it, I just personally like the idea of mine being enclosed, and I have a couple local makerspaces at which I can use a laser for no charge besides materials (one also has a waterjet cutter which can cut aluminum/titanium now, too…)

My own current plan would be to cut either ~3mm / 1/8" bamboo or birch ply, so I’d probably design around that thickness. I also am thinking it could be relatively simple to design the enclosure to allow the top and 4 sides to key together and then be glued, and then mount everything from the bottom, avoiding any fasteners on the top surface…so I may try designing something with that in mind.

Would anyone else also want the same or something similar? It’d provide some motivation if other folks might also use the files to cut their own enclosures :slight_smile:

Lastly - does anyone know the manufacturer or a source for the fader caps that Rabid Elephant uses on the Natural Gate? Maybe @papernoise? They look really nice! Hopefully also available in colors :rainbow_flag:



I can provide motivation AND get to be lazy? Count me in! :smiley:

There’s a fablab nearby at the university and while I dread designing these things such that they properly fit, I’d absolutely love to use the files if you’d make them.



Me too! Would love some files for laser cutting a case.

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Yeah totally into that as well.

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Ok, cool, that’s enough interest to encourage me :smile: I’m super grateful for this forum to be here, so figured this is a way I can contribute, too.

I’ll plan to wait for the finalized PCB (and hopefully panel file) from @infovore and company to be shared and adapt from those. I’ve done a handful of DIY Euro laser panels and a modified MI Shruthi enclosure and learned a lot from those, so I think I can successful channel my incomplete design education for this without much trouble.