Faderbank Run: See top post for status


yeah, I imagine we’ll have files for the proposed top/base. all in time!


Definitely interested, though I’d prefer fader caps that are more like a console (so I can lay my fingers on them as opposed to gripping them).


cool idea! can’t wait to see how it comes out (i know we have a lil more work to do first tho :grinning: )

i’ve considered making sides by stacking and gluing laser cut ply. might try this with one of the upcoming prototypes…


Just discovered this thread and would love to put my name in the queue to purchase a built unit. :crossed_fingers::tada:


I was investigating slider cap options and came across the Davies 1300H. They’re affordable and are a soft touch material, which I like the idea of, and the have a finger recess.

“Custom color combinations available upon request.” Wonder what the required quantities are?

I plan to get a few different options from Mouser and/or Digikey next time I order DIY parts.


from the top level f my head I don’t but I can find out!


aaaand, thanks to @bpcmusic, we now have i2c working :slight_smile:


I want to like this five more times, watch the video on continuous loop, say thanks over and again to all those working on the Faderbank…and I’ve not even gotten to connect my ER-301 to my Teletype and Telex’s over i2c yet. These developments are beautiful!


interested if built
Very cool!


Howdy, I am very interested in an assembled Faderbank. Is there an ETA or price details worked out yet?



There is no ETA on availability or price yet, @sisyphus69 . We are a little way off that as I’m about to detail!


This is 16n, version 1.2.

Things that are working:

  • USB MIDI out
  • TRS MIDI out
  • CV out

Things that are going to be tested by @bpcmusic when he’s got his board and built it:

  • I2C out

I am pretty pleased that it worked at first build-up, not least because of the cost of prototyping this thing.

Great, so how much and when do I get mine, it looks finished!

Hold on.

Here’s what’s happening next:

  • I’m getting prototype boards to @shellfritsch and @bpcmusic, who live about 4000 miles away
  • They are going to build these and test they work too.
  • @bpcmusic is going to test I2C and, worst-case scenario, do some more firmware coding.
  • We’re going to test them more proactively - use them a bit, soak-test them spitting out 16x5V for a bit

If all is go then, what we have is a working prototype. What’s next:

  • Enclosure (ie: top/bottom panel) design. Sounds simple, but there are some variables that might mean the PCB needs to be tweaked.
  • Costing a production BOM. That includes the panel, which we don’t know the precise size of, let alone the cost of, yet.
  • Finding a manufacture partner for the made boards: finding somebody, checking we don’t need to alter board design… and discovering what this costs.

And then we’ve got to source parts and build them. (I’ll tell you now: getting the faders for a production run will take about 3 months, because of the volume we need).

This is why I don’t normally talk about work in progress: look at the number of variables left! But because there’s no Kickstarter, no backers, no promises, we can be more transparent and say: this is what development looks like. That thing where it looks like it’s finished? Yeah, we’ve got a way to go. And most critically: we have no idea what this will cost yet, really. We have some idea of bounds (thanks to material costs) but we can only start finding out when the board is locked.

Fun fact: the board is already at 1.21 (fixing a silking error, swapping four diodes for two double-diodes). I’m hoping there won’t be too many more revs.

It’s going well, though. This is the point where I begin to hand over more jobs to @shellfritsch, too.

Update over!


Sounds and looks great! Thanks for the engagement and putting the work into this! :heart_eyes:

Will it still be an open source project or so that someone who just needs a PCB can purchase one when it’s ready. Maybe even from somewhere in europe? That would be very awesome.


It will definitely be open-source: PCB schematic+layout files, firmware, panel designs.

Everything todo with retail is “TBD”; whilst people have mentioned interest in here, we’ve not formally gathered numbers or locations yet, and that might feed into where things are available from.

But once the files are released there’s nothing to stop you fabbing your own boards for instance.


Cool! I am looking forward to build one and then fade some things…:slightly_smiling_face:


video fading woop woop

this two joysticks and the meng qi voltage memory will be my video control surface!


Very excited about what you chaps are cooking up here. Seeing the inside of the build process is illuminating.


Wonderful job ! This little box is going to be so useful !


Sounds great it will ne really usefull with teletype + er301 :slight_smile:


mega props to @infovore for nailing it on the first proto!!!

also - lovely detailed update. that’s pretty much the plan :slight_smile:

as soon as i get mine built i’ll be getting to work on the enclosure.