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Any possibility of the CV outputs being able to do 10v ???


sorry, no. the cv outputs are powered via the teensy 5V out. there might be some way to add that functionality in, but we are trying to keep the circuit and part count as simple as possible.


ahhh gotcha.

Well, I’m wondering if the Faderbank’s MIDI out into an FH-1 may enable the faders to spit out 10v


Presumably you might be able to build a simple 2x gain DC amp which could scale up the 0-5V output to 0-10V? I guess it would need 16 channels, though…


The Levit8 would give you 8 2x gains in a 10HP $179 package


It would probably work entirely fine with a MIDI Host like the FH1 - it’s just spitting continuous controllers out, and you can modify which CCs in software. I’m afraid I don’t know how the FH-1 itself works in detail to say more.

I would note that if you want to build something to roughly double the output of 16 jack sockets (rather than very precisely double it like a precision adder), you’re looking at about $2 of op-amps (four chips), a few bucks of passive components, and then bazillions of jacks and a board.

The reason we stick to 0-5V is because we’re using USB for our power, and the point of the CV outs is not ‘the best CV outs ever’; it is just simple and better than nothing, as previously mentioned.


If you only need to run a few CV jacks at up to 10v, the disting has a multiplier that would make short work of it. Assuming you are using it with euro in mind…


But if use it like that, you have jumpers on the FH to have 0v-10v out… so, no need extra module :wink:


Just registering my interest, seems like a fantastic project and inclusion of midi and cv and ii is great for me. Thanks again to this amazing community!


it’s really cool to hear about and follow the process that goes into making something like this!


quick, sorta naive question since I don’t really understand i2c: would the faderbank be able to interface directly with an ER-301 via i2c? It seems like most of the talk about i2c in this thread is from folks who also have a Teletype, so I am not super clear as to whether Teletype is a necessary part of the equation as a ‘master’ device.



you would need a teletype (and you would need a script that would poll faderbank and update er-301 accordingly). however, it should be possible to write a different firmware for faderbank with it working as a master.


don’t think i’ve ever posted in this thread but i was talking to sean about this other day and just wanna say i am 100% interested in one of these with the CV outs :heart_eyes:


I remember looking at the thread in the Orthogonal forum that talked about TT/ER-301 integration and there was some mention of multi-master and why that’s not possible currently. It was over my head, but you might want to go check there if you haven’t.


this will be redundant for some folks, but just in case anyone else comes across this thread wondering about using the Faderbank with devices besides teletype: @bpcmusic is amazing and answered the question over on the O|D forum in this thread.


Yes, interested! Looks great.


this is so great - i tagged this years ago when it was first introced and i tried to get a few people to com in on an osh order but no-one was intereseted - now look at it!

Where can i place my interest? I definently want one, built or kit


also i think we are all gonna want this https://www.modulargrid.net/e/steady-state-fate-muton


consider your interest placed :slight_smile:
@infovore laid things out nicely above

royal mail lost our prototype boards for a little while, but they are back on track. @bpcmusic and i will be building ours soon.


very interested as well.