Faderbank Run: See top post for status


yes, I’m very interested


Now that I use i2c with the ER-301 I am even more interested than I was around 100 comments ago. Want. Thanks for your work guys.


I’m very interested too



Very interested in a fully built one : )


Super excited for this.


I can’t remember if I had previously mentioned my interest, but I’m still interested, maybe more so now.


Quick update from my side.

Just built my prototype. Ordered black PCBs that look gorgeous. Laser cut a case using @infovore’s template in black acrylic (for the bottom) and frosted clear (for the top). Black nylon M2 screws and standoffs did the trick holding it together. Did reflow on the SMD components using a laser-cut stencil. 3D printed fader caps fit perfectly and really work for me.

Did I also mention that it looks gorgeous? I may have - but you may not have believed me. Here is some proof:

Check it out next to its new friend:

Want shots from the build to make sure it is beautiful on the inside too? Ok.

The lovely PCB that @infovore put together:

Laser cut stencil for solder paste application:

All parts on board:

On the firmware side, i2c is working. I’ve a couple of tweaks to make due to differences between the modded version I made a year ago and this vastly expanded version. I’m also planning on adding in an alternate firmware that allows the 16n to run without the Teletype but still broadcast i2c to multiple Ansible/TXo modules or a single ER-301. Hoping to get that in the hopper shortly.

FINALLY…a little OT, but not totally.

I’ve put together a little 2HP i2c module I’m calling the TXb. It is a powered bus board (if you plug it in) that has six 2x3 headers on the back and 2 x 3.5mm stereo jacks on the front. This allows for easy i2c connection of the 16n into your rack and also makes bridging rows/cases easy as well.

Runs will need to be very short and it is not likely you will be able to chain more than a couple together (important to only power one), but with all of the i2c modules that are popping up and the external 16n - the TXb will be handy if you want to keep everything neat and tidy … like this:

All I have left to do is clean up the silkscreen on the boards, order TELEX-matching panels for it, and do the final pricing. When I’m ready, I’ll start a separate thread where you can express interest. :slight_smile:


Lovely! With the increase in the number of modules that connect over I2C, it seems to be that a longer I2C busboard might prove useful. Well that, or I’m going to need to make myself longer cables. Already getting TT,ES,AS,WW,TXo,TXi in and out of a case is starting to get pretty tedious.


Just in case you did not notice - It does look gorgeous!

And it is exciting to see it evolving and coming near.



Another micro update; polished up the firmware today. The little integration nits are gone. I’m going to issue a pull request soon and get it in the repo.

I also added master mode. You can build the firmware with the master option turned on and you can directly control up to 4 TELEX, 4 Ansible and 16 channels on the ER-301.

Here is a test using just 7 channels on the ER-301. You will also notice the 4 TELEX and the Ansible responding to i2c in the background with their lights tracking the fader moves.


Looks good to me…ship it!


Late on this thread - caught wind from @bpcmusic on the O|D forum. Very interested in a built faderbank and TXb :+1:


Beautiful ! I can’t wait :wink:
Master mode is a great Idea too !


By the way, is it eurorack friendly ? It’ll took some HP, but i would like to have it on my case…



I think the pcb is fractionally too tall to fit between the rails. More to the point, you would not be able to get at any jacks, which are horizontal)

When we release the files, it’d be possible to adapt it for Euro, but personally I can’t see the appeal. (Also it is like at least 50HP)


colour me very, very interested! exactly this I need for the ER-301. however, final commitment would depend somewhat on the funding necessary and available at the time.


i want to buy it for the ER301, a eurorackable Version would be great too


this is crazy cool.

now we need multi master i2c :grin: :see_no_evil:


Are aluminum faceplates in the works? Obviously more money and probably a minimum order - just wondering. I’d be interested either way but would be willing to pay extra for a faceplate that matches my Grids. The clear frosted you created looks very nice.


Looking great! I keep thinking I’ve already +1’d myself as interested, but it looks like I haven’t. I think my sweet spot would be PCB with SMT parts + through-hole parts kit, but I’d also be cool with a full-DIY kit or fully assembled.