Faderbank Run: See top post for status


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definitely +1!
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no mailing list at the moment. please keep an eye on this thread. when we are ready to move to the next phase we’ll post all the relevant info here.


Sounds great!

Just for my better understanding - it would not be possible to have the 16n in master i2c mode together with a teletype in the same system, would it?
As in controlling ER-301 parameter via faders while sequencing it from teletype, or sending some faders to the Er-301 and some to the TXo’s that are also connected to teletype.

Is it one i2c master per i2c subsystem?


Have you considered some … how to put it … slightly more modern-looking fader buttons? Something fun like the “ABS shinethrough keycaps” kind of thing that all the keyboard customizers plotz for.

And if you embed an LED in the slider itself whose light intensity grows as you slide it up, it could shine through the keycap and ahh, we have blinky nirvana.


It’s a standard fader size. So: @shellfritsch is currently using Buchla-style rubber caps. @bpcmusic is using his 3D printer ones. I’m using some off-the-shelf rounded ones.

LED sliders = no. That requires a board revision. I’d rather avoid that to keep costs down.


Well, how about putting that on the “future requirements to be considered after magical things happen” list. :slight_smile:


@shellfritsch has rightly mentioned that this is the place to follow along. However, I just want to clarify something about ‘registering interest’: interest, right now, mainly serves to confirm that this is a thing that people would like and act as a kind of cheerleading for the little team plugging away at it. But when something is available to purchase, there’ll be something more formal than a forum thread :slight_smile:

In the meantime, your interest is always appreciated.

Regarding functionality and feature-creep: it’s unlikely much will change between what you’ve seen. We’re fettling the firmware as we go, obviously. But the form factor is pretty fixed: it is deliberately the size of a 128 grid. If you wish, for some reason, to mount 52HP of sliders in your Eurorack, I suggest taking the (eventually) open-sourced schematics and making your own project.

Remember: this will be open source software, hardware, everything. If it’s not to your liking, everything you need to alter it will be available.


re: “Eurorack friendly” - of course, it is Eurorack friendly in terms of the voltages it supplies. That’s one of our use-cases! But it’s not Eurorack sized.


“Eurorack-adjacent” :slight_smile:


Curious, what would be some other possible uses from the top of your head - besides eurorack/daw?


well there’s hardware midi, so you can add controls to any standalone unit you like (ie. digitakt)


Yep, anything that takes MIDI CCs is a good bet, like Elektron hardware, or adding more controls to something with few physical controls - it’d sit nicely with a Waldorf Blofeld or Pulse 2, for instance.

It expects to transmit CCs, though I imagine it’s not too much work to alter the code - if you’re so inclined - to transmit NRPNs, which is how a DX7, for instance, takes input.

Also, if you have an object that can be a USB host, it’d work with that - you’d be able to plug this into an Organelle, I believe.

The CV outs all transmit 0-5V, so would work with other modular/analog gear beyond Euro, too.


Maybe included in “DAW” but you have tons of possibilities in Max/MSP that can exist outside of a DAW. I’m looking forward to using this with my hardware synths and drum machines, mostly. But I did bring up the possibility of a VCA/mixer module in another thread this week that I would love to work on. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was how it would make a great controller for a eurorack mixer module.


this makes me think, perhaps it’d be useful to add TT ops to configure the MIDI output. can be super simple, like assigning CC to a fader, or more complex where you could, for instance, configure it to work as LFO with faders controlling rate etc (i’m thinking of endorphines shuttle control here but with the ability to configure it with TT).

maybe even the ability to store such configurations as presets and then have a separate op that selects a preset.

edit: i’d like to clarify these are just my personal ideas for future expansion, which would require a separate discussion and are in no way implied to be included in the official version.


whoa. programming 16n via TT.

you just blew my mind.


I don’t own a TT yet (very soon) but with TT ops, would you be able to configure an output channel of TT like a sequencer where 16n is setting the gate or cv output for each step?


@shellfritsch @infovore @bradfromraleigh Thanks. This was what I wanted to hear. Excited about this!


very easily, yes!

with clock into input 1 and reset into input 2:

T 0

IF GT T 16: T 1

T 0


love it! TT driven configuration is and should definitely be in the future! (corresponds to that list stuff we’ve been talking about.)

fyi: there is no DAC in the CV path; CV out value is linked electrically in analog circuitry to the position of the slider. the CV value can’t be programmatically changed by the processor.