Faderbank Run: See top post for status


i don’t know the details of how i2c works, and i was wondering if it is possible (for example) to have a 16n sending (via i2c) CV values to an ER-301 (say CV 0-15) and at the same type having the teletype sending other trig and CV (via i2c) to the same ER-301 (say CV 16-100) ?

aka having two “i2c master devices” adressing different “variables” on a single “slave” device ?

edit: nevermind, i saw the same question answered on O|D forum. (the answer being, it would sort of work but might lock up).


Holy cripes. Just registered to register my interest in the faderbank and txb module. Exactly what I’m looking for to pair with ER301. Would prefer built, could deal with a kit.


Hi, I also joined to follow this thread with interest. looking forward to hearing the price, or diy kit price if it will be available.



Mmmm been following this for a while but realized I haven’t yet put down my interest in a kit.

Consider this my expression of interest :slight_smile:


I have been using an external 8 fader box w/ an FH-1 in my modular and like not taking up extra HP w/ the faders. It makes it more playable than trying to move tiny faders that are half covered by cables. But that’s just my opinion.
Looking forward to the 16n!


this is a great idea. mark me down as interested.


a fast DJ style fader bank could be useful.


I’m interested, poor, but interested, so call me optimistic-about-the-future-of-my-bank-account interested.


have been reading for months, never posted.

count me interested :+1:t4:


I’d be definitely down!


And i’m up (on the forum) and down for a faderbank
plus interface panel!


That might just make me look back at some old MIDI items…


I’m interested for sure


Count me in too! This thing looks amazing.


So: the Teensy is flashable without physical access to the reset button. I’ve always managed to flash my 16n without having to reach in and hit that button, for sure.

Also, the whole thing is designed such that the Teensy is hard-soldered to the lower board. I don’t think there’s enough height to plug it into female headers. So it’s always going to be in there, you’re not going to be taking it in and out. Unless, of course, everybody hates that idea.

I had not intended to break out any GPIO pins; I guess I am not using ‘hackable’ in the same extent to which you are. It would be straightforward to offer breakout pads for some of the digital pins - 2-12, as a maximum; the remaining pinouts of the Teensy are pretty heavily used right now:

The plans are the final ‘enclosure’ would only be top and bottom with standoffs; the sides will always be open.

So, I mean, I’m open to suggestions around what’s appropriate re: breakout pins but it feels like there’s only so much I can do. I am trying to keep this project from turning into a lot of work, rather than just a moderate amount. But I am open to suggestions for ‘optional’ pinouts (which I would not even populate with a header, given the open edges; I leave that to the end user).


hey thanks for the response

and sorry, again - not trying to complain or ask for more things, honestly wondered if i’d missed something, and good to know you’ve ever found a need for the reset line.

all i’m trying to do is think through the minimal requirements needed to achieve/allow the maximal number of possible software features without forking the hardware.

in particular, i think its plausible to want to programatically change USB device modes. the user-oriented goal being to offer a way to change the MIDI configuration (or whatever) without installing teensyduino - instead, connecting the teensy as a serial or mass-storage device.

its cortex-m3 right? so there is actually a soft-reset register (0xE000ED0C):

so i think i can do:

  1. have a flag in flash memory that is read at boot to determine the device mode
  2. have a function to write that flag and then trigger a soft-reset
  3. connect the midi System Reset message (or sysex) to this function

not as nice as holding a button but i think it would work


I’ll toss in with the lot interested in a either a built unit or DIY kit. The possibilities with the analog outs are just too tantalizing.


still interested here. wonder how these are coming along!


i’m more than interested!!! (like sell me one, a txo, txi please)


I’ve been following this thread for ages now, just wanted to say keep up the good work! It looks great! And i’m definitely interested in a diy kit or pcb when they’re available