Faderbank Run: See top post for status


interest in built unit from me


also a build one for me


Jumping on the interest train


Registering my interest in a pre-built or kit for sure. Recently learned it does simultaneous i2c, cv and midi outs per fader :heart_eyes:


I am also interested in a pre-built unit


I’d get down with a prebuilt unit!


I am very interested in a pre-built unit, these look amazingly useful!


Súper project! I’m very interested.


I am jonesing for one of these…


still trying to lock down quotes on panels… once i have that i can share more details about timeline & price :slight_smile:


Colour me hyped… the Instagram videos I have seen from the involved parties have sent my head spinning with possibilities…


still interested in a built model, assuming that the DIY version proves too complicated as a first project

seems like this could be a killer norns controller too


very interested. built or DIY, whichever is available first :grinning:


Now I’m wondering if you could plug one of these into Norns …


20 characters of yup!


After learning that the Grid can actually damage Teletype with its power draw I wonder if it is safe to plug the faderbank into norns.

Would it be okay regarding USB power/current if all 16 faders output 5 V to the modular while it takes the power from norns?


Where did you see that, out of interest? Understanding why that would happen will help me answer you correctly.

So, thinking aloud:

  • the 5V that powers the CV outs comes straight from the raw usb 5V input, before any filtering, ie, straight from the source (in your example, Norns)
  • it’s buffered by an MCP6004 opamp, on +5V/0V rails
  • if there’s an issue, it’s going to come down to what you plug the faderbank CV out into - I believe. That’s where the draw upon the faderbank will come from, which will in turn draw on the 5V output elsewhere. I’d imagine this isn’t an issue, owing to input impedance resistors and so forth, but cannot guarantee anything in the magic land of analog
  • I should add: there are 1k impedance resistors on the CV outs at 16n end.


quick update: there will be a quick update at some point.

What I mean is: I am on vacation, and @shellfritsch has also been travelling - we even managed to cross paths in the UK. we have, however, still been moving a few things forward - got some new prototype boards into the world and into Europe and America - and making progress on BOM and panels. Proper update when I’m back home.



Coming into this thread pretty late, and I know these aren’t quite ready yet, but is the plan right now to have individual CV outs per slider? If so that sounds amazing, and I would definitely buy a prebuilt one!