Faderbank Run: See top post for status


I’m just posting to register my interest. This looks really nice.



Dropping in to say - can’t wait for the faderbank y’all.



Definitely very interested!



interested in DIY or prebuilt too! super excited for its CV outs.



I’d be interested in a kit.



Im looking to this too but expensive for one off - Just done a small calc on main costs

For 1, 5 & 10off looking at per piece(in £)

PCB 45 / 9 / 6
Sliders 61 / 41 / 37
Jacks 10 / 10 / 9
Opamps 3 / 3 / 3
Badass Aluminium Panel 73 / 57 / 51

This is for a panel 3mm thick, vertically brushed finish, 3mm rad corners, 16 slots, 4off 20mm length m3 standoffs on the rear (so no visible fixings ala grid etc).

Still short of teensy, rc’s etc but unit price is approx £190, 116 or 97 for 1/5/10 orders

mmm…Just thinking how to make this work

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Wow, getting down to half of the single unit price sounds great - I would happily be part of a group buy solution for Europe.


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Interested in a prebuilt version!

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I would be interested in some variety of kit or PCB/case/panel. Will watch thread. Thanks for putting this out there!



How would a group buy look logistically?

Like if there were a handful of US and EU buyers, could both groups contribute to one group buy?
or does the shipping of parts restrict that?



Logistically - I take a gamble - im keen to do this - but obviously seek the easiest path, it gets complicated quickl - im only after one of these myself.

If i feel there is a genuine 5 or more buyers here i will probably take a punt and front up for 10 units, supply parts i describe at cost (plus say 15% or so to cover expense). Essentially the main parts, Panel, PCB, sliders, jacks and amps - i am going to estimate £120 +£5 shipping uk and whatever/ i have to check for US.

If you are interested in a full build please let me know, maybe I have the time/ can do at reasonable cost. Prefer to just arrange these parts however. Initially trying to avoid £50 pcb costs!



Still interested in this.
Still following this thread.

Wondering: how far out is it?
Is there any estimate when built units or kits will be available?



promise to have more info for y’all very soon :slight_smile:
i’ve been on the road for the last 45 days (!) and that’s made it challenging to get this all sorted.

my plan is to do a run of fully built units

bulk alps pots have a 3 month lead time

more soon!



Still interested as well (DIY but with SMD stuff done).

Also based in the UK/EU, so into a group buy thing if that’s what’s being discussed (lots of posts in this thread so not sure if I’m super up to date)

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Hi everybody.

So, some updates. As pointed out, Sean and I have both been indisposed, and that’s paused things briefly.

Assuming things are correct with the latest PCB revision - we need to test one and confirm it fits our dummy alu panels - this is the point where I hand a lot of the work over to @shellfritsch, who is looking into manufacture, BOM sourcing, and ultimately, distribution. That’s a lot of things.

I should note now that way back when, when I asked you if you were interested in something like a partially-assembled option, there was no guarantee that’d be an option. I think it’s almost certain now that there will be no ‘part assembled option’; there will certainly not be a ‘kit’ option. (Main reason is: assembly looks like it won’t be as pricey as I’d originally envisaged).

We will definitely be offering assembled units. There may also be a PCB+metal option, but I am not in any way guaranteeing that. Our #1 focus is solving and fulfilling the run of built units. One of the key limits here is the faders: we have a three month lead time because we’re going to have to order them by the crate. The unit cost comes down, but it’s three months from order to shipping. Obviously we can move a lot of the other components on whilst they’re on order - getting BOMs together, boards and metal fabbed, packaging ordered. But that’s the big time-sink. Once they arrive, manufacture has to happen. We are being conservative by and large; not offering anything for sale until it’s all locked down. That’s why we haven’t just given you a price, taken money, and made y’all wait ages. We are getting there, though.

I will be honest and say: waking up to find people trying to groupbuy a thing you haven’t finished making or designing yet makes me a little sad. Especially when it comes down to offering groupbuyers a built version. It certainly dampens motivation somewhat. I’ll say right now that the BOM @jonnymon has posited isn’t quite right, especially when it comes to the panel - he’s missing some drill holes, got the sizes of them wrong, it’s far too thick, and the BOM doesn’t seem to include the second sheet of metal that is the base. I will say, however, his BOM costs are roughly - roughly - ballpark. But I find it a little strange to be positing a groupbuy based largely on guesswork, rather than anything that’s available.

As for price: really not ready to say anything until it’s locked. What I will say is a bit about how we’re working on it. @bpcmusic has done some stellar work sharing a spreadsheet he’s previously used: it helps us break down not only BOM cost, but also packaging cost, manufacture costs, fulfilmment costs, and adding appropriate margins through the process… before helping determine a price that meets those margins. As estimates and pricing change or get locked down, we add them to the doc.

Margin is not profit. Margin is the percentage we add to handle BOM cost increasing when a component is temporarily unavailable, or manufacture cost altering, or anything changing its value. If we don’t spend it, that’s good, but if we don’t have it, we have very little wiggle room for anything to go wrong.

Anyhow, enough from me for now. I am chatting to @shellfritsch atm about next steps and I know he’s working on metal-related things, and that’s how these things go.



I will happily wait for the production run

I can wait to see this project finished and finished well

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I am very sorry if open-heartly discussing the idea of group sourcing parts and PCB’s came across in any disrespectful or negative manner.

I am sure no one is trying to make a big profit here and I really appreciate your work and the sharing of the process.

Also I understood this project to be an opensource DIY thing with a potential opportunity to also get a prebuilt unit. So I did not foresee that exploring communal possibilities to facilitate building for everyone would tread on anyones feet.

I must admit that I have, again, misunderstood how things are going here and I have to apologize.

So I will wait in patience and silence until something gets published if it still planned and then get a PCB manufactured by osh-park.



Okay, fair point- and apologies. I was just very keen to get this like everybody else and seriously considered running for the 10pcbs at minimum cost - and ditching 9. Things escalate and i looked to Front Panel Designer that i use for all my eurorack builds.

You are correct i didn’t include a base material, however the main panel I defined as 16 slots only, m3 mounting pillars bonded to the rear (6 off for stability), and 3mm thickness ala grids/ arc etc (Im not sure why thats not suitable or there needs to be other holes). Such a panel is expensive 78/71/ 63/55 euro for 1/5/10/20 offs. There was little guess work but going form 4 to 6 mounting pillars does add an extra 6 euro

Its an excellent project and massive respect to all for initiating this, it is just people (clearly myself) understandably getting impatient. Ultimately its the one off cost of the pcb that kills full diy entry for many hobbyist. I was not looking to fulfil hundreds of orders or make a profit, simply to get a half decent unit price for 5 or 10 UK diyers.

Can I ask why 3mm is too thick?



My bad on the group buy thing. As I mentioned, I’ve been out of the loop on this thread, so I thought there was some discussion on what it meant to buy one overseas.

A fully built option is a-ok with me too.

And thanks again for seeing this idea through!

Lastly, not sure if this has been suggested already, but maybe a mailing list or some way to find out news about the actual process and/or when it’s done would be amazing. I often click on the thread to see if it’s “happened already”, but it’s often people talking about the ideas etc… instead. (which is great and all, but it would be good to know that I not worry about having to check the thread for stuff like that)

That may be unneeded/unwanted overhead too, so I would understand that as well.



I’ll update this thread / topic, create a new thread & offer a mailing list when the details are set.