Faderbank Run: See top post for status


So - I’ve already spoken at least to @Leverkusen to clarify that really about the only thing that rankled me was the idea of offering built units out of a ‘groupbuy’ situation.

This is a really good point, and I’m glad @Leverkusen has raised it - specifically, that this issue has perhaps become unclear, and it should have been clarified sooner. From my perspective: the original project is a straight-up DIY thing that @tehn and @shellfritsch built a few of. We’ve now substantially built on that; we want to offer high-quality built units - the thread began with “shall we do a run of these?” before I added some features. And then: we’ll also be open-sourcing the project, although I might follow Olivier Gillet’s lead in open-sourcing it once the hardware is in the world.

I hope that people who want to will build their own in due course. You can make them out of whatever materials you want. You can investigate modifying the firmware, or working out how to add the motorized faders at least two people have asked for. Or you can just save yourself some cash money and spend some more time money. And yes, if you want to make these affordably, a group buy is a really smart idea. (I mean, I get 5 PCBs for every prototype run I do).

I guess I feel there’s a difference between enthusiasm for the eventual open-sourcing, perhaps working out how that might happen… and costing out speculative BOMs and offering manufactured units. That’s all.


Oh - all I was saying is that in the object we’ve designed, the aluminium is thinner than that. 3mm is thicker and heavier than what we have. You’re free to make it as thick or thin as you want - I can imagine a lot of 3mm lasercut acrylic panels, for instance.

I’m sorry people are impatient. I’m not sure why it’s understandable, if I’m honest - but that’s just a personal opinion. It’s sixteen faders that do some things, not world peace. You can live without it another week. On the flipside: I too really want this in the world, because I think when it’s finished it’ll be very good.

So I don’t have an answer to why it’s not just finished already, other than we’re adults with lives and other careers, doing things right takes time, and no promises were made. It’s not stalled; but two of us did go traelling for a bit. Also, there’s nothing I can do that ordering faders by the 1000 has a three month lead time.


Please take your time! What’s most important is that you and @shellfritsch are happy with putting it out.


just a reminder that anyone who wants 16 faders to use immediately can just buy some faders and very simply wire them as voltage dividers directly for CV use or add your own Arduino/Teensy/other thing for MIDI use.

if you want this specific set of faders, I personally consider it reasonable to be infinitely patient for the people designing the thing to be ready to release it, or even not release it if they so decide :pray:


Much of this has been said (more than once) in this thread, but I’ve observed that when threads get very long, as this one is, folks who are “tracking” (the vast majority) as opposed to “watching” (thread Creator and a few highly interested folks who explicitly set the thread to “watching”) are likely to miss signal amidst the noise.

Might be a good idea to edit the top post to consolidate info about the current state of the project. I also wonder if “interest check” is still relevant? Seems that interest is well established, unless you wanted some kind of measurement of interest (in which case this method seems extremely imprecise).

As others have said, take your time. If people are in a mad rush, there are plenty of MIDI sliders in the world. I’m happy to wait for this project to be done right, and I appreciate the effort involved in doing a project like this in spare time.


Fair point - I want to make it very clear i was not really offering built/ tested units (I dont have the time) I encourage people to try and learn a little soldering and DIY skills, teensy programming as there is enormous satisfaction in that and its not particularly hard

I realise that there have been refinements over the last few months and in offering a finished complete unit you want to it to be complete and to your expectations. Totally get that - i cant help but think about 3months lead time and taxes/ shipping (to UK)

Initially i thought of just splitting pcbs, sliders and a nice panel but then it seemed only sensible to include small 0805’s and jacks as placing an order. Parts are in stock, lead time of about 5day, pcb and panel nearer 2 weeks.

It wont be to everyones choice but if i am clear initially what i am suggesting is to group buy the guts of what is essentially a pretty simple assembly/ build. I leave the base off as people often want to go in all sorts of directions here -


good idea. done.

including original sixteen-n project, which is ready to go and perfect for norns, if i do say.
though i’m sure plenty of people here are just as excited about the cv + midi + i2c as i am :wink:


yes, I think we really need a top-post edit. I will look into that when not at work.


I don’t know if impatience is really the right word here - at least not in its pushing incarnation.

With me it’s more excitement, I think.


@infovore and @shellfritsch I think it’s safe to say that any clamoring in this thread for details, updates, etc. are all just people who are interested and eager in the concept you’re working on.

it’s a recognition of and tribute to the flexibility of the design (as described) that has so many people already imagining ways it could aid their creative workflow. :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.


i want on list for pre-built.


It bears repeating, there is, as of yet, no list.


There is, however, a list of repeating bears.


:bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear:

Whatsamatter Discourse? Of course that’s a complete sentence!


you need at least 20 bears.

but we’re getting off topic, this is a thread about faderbear!


I meant, in reply to earlier “who would be interested in this” that I also would be interested in this.


quick question: is the faderbank still going to have the same dimensions as a 128 grid, or has it grown somewhat?


It’s shrunk a tiny bit, actually. By a few mil, though. It’s the width of a current 128, and fractionally less deep.


Hello all, just signed up (looking forward to having a nosy around the forum) to say I’m definitely interested in one of these. Pre-built. It will be great for events and some workshops.

Happy to do anything I can to promote it when ready too.


As a relative new-comer to the world of i2c I’m excited too. The is wonderful. I’ll be clambering to buy in due course.