Faderbank Run: See top post for status


I’m interested - I’d prefer prebuilt


Would definitely be interested in a built unit.


Count me in for DIY version with populated SMD!


I‘m also looking foward to a pre-built version.


I would love a pre-built.


+1 for the kit! 20chars


After hundreds of posts, my interest in a pre-built one still hasn’t vanished, so I can safely assume that a 3-month lead time won’t be a problem! :smiley:


Still in for a fully built unit, maybe even two depending on price.


Also still in it for a fully built unit!


I’m still in for built or SMD-populated DIY. Excited to see all your hard work finally come to fruition, guys!


I’m interested in a pre-built unit. <3


I’m definitely interested in a pre-built unit!


populated or a bare PCP+Panel kit. I am interested


I’m super interested in a pre-built :sparkles:


Interested from the beginning in a pre-built unit


i’ll re-register my interest. pricing will determine if preference lies with kit or pre-built.


+1 for prebuilt unit


interested in prebuilt here


regular reminder: registering interest is doing nothing more than registering interest. It doesn’t go into a spreadsheet, doesn’t guarantee you anything. It was just us, a long while ago, asking about scale.

Hopefully will have an update for you soon: @shellfritsch and I have both been slammed with day jobs and similar.


I’m definitely interested in a unit, preferably pre built although potentially diy depending on how complex the build is.