Faderbank Run: See top post for status


Hey @infovore and @shellfritsch it’s been nearly another month since hints of an update were offered?


just for the sake of saying I’m interested in a pre-built unit. I am interested.


it has! It’s almost like I do this in my spare time which has been really limited recently!

Fun fact: I have not been doing nothing. I have mainly been walking through all the files, getting ready for the open source release, tidying things. I’ve also finally built up the 1.25s to confirm they work, and they do, so we are nearly there (if you’ve seen the one on @DivKid 's insta feed, that’s the 1.25 prototype I built up). There’s another update to come, but I think it should come from @shellfritsch, so will just message him.

But seriously: please go easy. I have a lot on, and as I’m full in the daytime with client work, am 16n-ing when I get a chance, and when my brain has capacity to work on it. This is not all the time.


Good man. Next round is on me (same as at The Social?)


hi all!

i think it’s time for an update…

what’s the status?

16n is awesome, and it works well. it talks cv, usb, midi & i2c. it looks like this:

this is revision 1.25, which added more central standoffs for support - the whole thing is nice and stable. these aluminum plates were water-jet cut by @joshhh (thank you!!)

and here’s one that @infovore built with a plastic top and bottom

how can i get one?

we have decided to open source 16n as of revision 1.25 and we’re working on doing that right now: we just have some final prep work (sorting files, firmware, build instructions, etc.) to do to make it ready for you all.

because @infovore and i don’t have the bandwidth to facilitate a group run / DIY kits, we are hoping that sharing these resources now will encourage the community to self-organize.

for those of you that are content to wait it out, i still intend to offer a limited run of fully built units. the timeline and price is unknown. these will have a revised aesthetic design and complete enclosure (no open sides). you can register for update emails for these built units here: https://goo.gl/forms/kOMpXEggmnZCjvtg1

we’re in the home stretch!


I love you both very much :slight_smile:

So my main aim with this till “the other thing” is released is to talk Just Type to my Just Friends …is this possible with the 16n?

Regardless - fun fact - i used to check on the old 16n page so much it was considered a regular page i visited (sad) and tried to get a few people into the osh park ref that Tehn put up so this is absolutely brilliant

BTW if either of you need any help with annoying paperwork type stuff im off at the moment and would love to contribute…so let me know via PM

Good luck and god speed!


So would it be possible with this to control Just Friends via i2c with the 16n without a Teletype? It seems that is what some folks are talking, I just want to be clear.


definitely not out of the box.


this thread has some talk about that (I don’t think there’s anything definitive)


Thanks you! I’ll check that out.


Divkid posted his faderbank in action at the Deer Shed festival.


Nice suprise when I saw a faderbank pop up while watching this! The faderbank is perfect for getting people ‘playing’ with an unfamiliar modular instrument.


just stumbled upon this and as a er-301 user that was planning to build a cv faderbank this is so much more awesome, with the i2c communication. Definitely interested, but why no buttons? would make it just a bit more awesome! :smiley: its a shame to waste fader on binary stuff!

But again, thx for making this!

(new on the forum btw, HI! seems like a really cosy place)


I didn’t design it, but I think the idea is to keep it simple and as widely-usable as possible, and I would guess a significant number of potential users want it to be only faders (at least I like it that way). this especially makes sense in that it initially was invented to accompany a monome grid which is fully binary in its control. feature creep can be dangerous :stuck_out_tongue:

now, once the source files are shared, anyone willing to go to the trouble to modify it can make whatever they want based on this!


I kinda agree with you, but i also feel that just a few buttons would make it even more widely usable :smile: as this thing is really appealing and usable to a lot of people that don’t have an Monome grid.

But yeah, fingers crossed that someone will “buttonize” it when the source files are shared as i’m to much of a noob for that stuff :slight_smile:


I check this thread every day. I know it’s only a little unit with 16 faders on it but the prospect of what you can do with it is thrilling. Can’t wait to build one.


Same here. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:


i have a spare prototype from the previous version that i’m selling for the cost of parts


edit: sold


Hi, Any news on when this latest PCB revision will be up? Is v1.2 final? (other than missing extra mount holes)

If so would you mind if i order boards and arrange a small group buy on here?



v1.2 is 100% functional, but i recommend waiting for v1.25, as the added support holes make panel mounting easier and the whole thing much more sturdy. we should be open sourcing the files shortly, when @infovore is ready.