Faderbank Run: See top post for status


Just seen this…


no pressure, then! (in 20 characters)


This is awesome :slight_smile: Would love to build some. Happy to beta test / help on the documentation side too


Am I correct in my understanding that the i2c connector requires the 2hp telex-b module in order to connect the 16n to a ER-301?


From my understanding , you only need this if you want to bus several i2c lines (and have a pretty breakout panel to a convenient 3.5mm socket)
If you look at the schematic on github you can see this is very simple device


It doesn’t require it, but it will require some kind of adaptor: our “I2C over TRS” format is a thing we basically cooked up because it was convenient. You’ll need to split the TRS cable out to SDA, SCL, and GND lines. The TXB will do this elegantly; however, you could also just make your own wire if you wanted to.


Oh well, I believe it’s 2x easier than cooking your own Poti. One stereo jack connector, three wires.


This is terrific! I’d love to build one.


+1, very nice project, gonna probably join the group buy when it happens!


How much mA draw does the 16n use when being powered off USB (via USB tile from euro power board)?


short answer: max 200mA or so, nothing to worry about.

long answer: some of the current draw is from whatever its CV outputs are connected to, so we literally can’t say. it’s still unlikely to be any kind of problem.


Great project! Really make sense as a end macro controller for eurorack.

Just one things seems to be missing in my opinion are individual attenuators for each cv output. 16x minipot above the faders would allow fine tuning of the amplitude of each modulation and make this controller a real killer!

Would this be technically difficult to implement?


I believe the CV output is a DC offset signal, so the faders themselves are essentially the attenuators (of a DC offset).


while I can see some use in this, such attenuators would be redundant in many cases when using as a MIDI/i2c device or in situations where the CV target device already has attenuators on its inputs (certainly not universal in Euro but fairly common).

that said, it wouldn’t be too difficult for someone to make an alternate version with secondary pots. though, since this would likely only be for CV applications (unless I’m missing something), it might be easier to just start from scratch with a set of basic voltage divider circuits & a battery or DC voltage source and skip the op-amps, Teensy, etc.

also, of course, one could just not push the fader as far :wink:


Any more news on when you might be able to post the pcb files - would be really good to get some pcbs ordered on this\

I think im speaking for quite a few of us


For CV destination where attenuation is critical, one could also easily use a fader pair to set the maximum range. Kind of like the “Master” on a lighting console.


I wonder how you would do this wit the 16n. Do you mean by incorporating an external VCA in your patch?


My mistake I thought the CV outs came from DACs, and were then buffered, but after a second read through I understand that it’s signal that is coming directly from the Pots that are buffered? Then my suggestion is not possible.


Learn about this project via DivKid. I joined lines just to track progress. Cool stuff!


Yes, the faders are just attenuating the 5V from the USB and pass it through to the jacks to keep it simple - as far as I understood.