Faderbank Run: See top post for status


Definitely interested in a kit!


@shellfritsch, If I wanted to make another project, how easy would be to adapt the design of the pcb board so it can house 16, 100mm faders spaced ~25mm apart? (not interested for the cv outs).


you might want to work from the original layout by tehn:


I wonder how this is going? Not that I am impatient - it’s just that I have a half-filled OSH Park cart and it would be shame to complete my order one day before these boards are ready…


This is going well. I hoped I’d have had an update sooner. Let’s do an update now:

  • I think everything is done for the open source release
  • … except the admin of jiggling things around in Github.

I’d also like to move the docs from READMEs in folders to a Github Wiki. Simply because it’s easier for slightly less technical users to use.

I’ve been waiting on some metal panels to arrive to confirm that the mechanical drawings in the repository for the panels are, in fact, correct for both metal and plastic. They are. (They look super-good).

As ever, there’s a however! That however is: I’m moving house, like, tomorrow, and so there’s a pile of disruption my end for a week or so whilst I do that and get some teaching underway. I hope I can hit the big open-source button before Christmas.

So don’t hold out for me, @Leverkusen. Also: I would point out that making 16ns at OSH is expensive financially, although not as expensive environmentally as cheaper financial options. (Three 16n boards is ~$240, iirc).


That’s great news ! Thanks for the update ! AllPCB could be cheaper (not environmentally) than Oshpark for this, these are 2 layers pcb, right ? There are a lot of people (at least 50 :slight_smile: ) ready for a groupbuy for the PCB on FB.


Is FB the only way to enter the queue for the group buy?


All the best for the house move.


Oh Yes me too
I’m not on facebook !..
Maybe it’s possible to hold one here ?


I’d be very interested in either a kit or a built unit if it had CV capabilities.


Thanks for the update! Sounds great and I am very much looking forward to build, use and simply look at one…

Never got further than OSH Park for PCB’s simply because DIY projects tend to be stored there, it seems to be dead simple to use and they have a good reputation. What are good alternatives then to save a bit spare money for christmas presents?

Also good luck for the move and all the hassles that do follow such an endeavour - I have gone through this in February and there are still things to do like hanging pictures and getting the new storing facilities in a nice and practical state. It’s been a year of constant rearranging the furniture now, but I am almost there now.


I always use seeedstudio fusion pcb service. This size board is about $50 (for 5) + about 15$ shipped to uk, ordering 10 or more price gets closer to £6each

only downside is delivery time of 10days for the cheap postage option. OSHPark always seems very expensive to me


facebook group? Anyone have a link?


ahem: 16n is a bank of faders [release thread] [current version:1.32]


https://www.facebook.com/groups/1677419455833872/ This is the FB group. The owner also has a DIY pcb (mostly euro) webshop: https://pushermanproductions.com/
I don’t know if/when he will organize a group buy but there are around 50 people interested and in the thread he said that he would have spoken to the designers. Maybe the pcbs/panels will be on the website, if not I guess he’ll set up a group buy on FB.


Mouser is out of stock for the faders, any other source that you guys know of? Cheers!


I ordered parts from Mouser last month for ten units, understanding the alps faders were backordered, and randomly got an email Tuesday that the faders were shipped, but their online qty still hasn’t been updated, received the faders last night, so I was pretty shocked!