Faderbank Run: See top post for status


I would recommend avoiding bare pins for the ii/i2c/TWI. As this device isn’t mounted in a rack with the cables hidden behind, it would be way too easy to dislodge the cable when in use. This is why, after looking for options, I went ahead and adopted the Aleph’s 3.5mm “standard” with my remix beta unit. :slight_smile:

Not so sure here either. Both Teletype and the Aleph have pull-ups, which we can augment with the busboards. I’ve been lamenting putting pull-ups on by beta unit as it seems to limit its use in those scenarios.


Also tentative, depending on cost / delivery to UK, and hardware Midi out (any standalone is fine)


Duly noted ; will defer to almost anybody when it comes to I2C facts!


remember pull-ups need to go to 3v3. they can of course stay unpopulated by default!


no, is this a thing a newbie can do? because I would love a couple.


USB isn’t a wire format, so no, this isn’t a quick soldering job. Seems like some firmware would be unavoidable.

Somebody please holler at me if I’m wrong!


oh indeed, TWI should have gnd and +5, sorry was stupid not to explicitly say so. and don’t disgaree that a jack connection would be more robust, but didn’t want to clamor for more parts and complexity for a feature that will likely not be relevant to very many people.

[deleted redunant junk about different midis. infovore covers it clearly in post 51.]


Same boat here as well. It’s interesting but not central to the stuff I do, but would be nice to have nonetheless.


Getting off topic, but as far as I’m aware you’d need something like this: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/kenton-midi-usb-convertor-host-mkii/433906-01/?currency=GBP&flt=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvsSczYOh1wIVZijTCh3NzANtEAQYASABEgJ7J_D_BwE if native midi out isn’t supported.


Yep. Roland UM-One is another option. Then you could adapt 5-pin to 3.5mm.


Huge interest, I just came across the original prototype thread and was considering sourcing the parts myself. Great timing.

I’d be happy with a kit, but cost / my time permitting, would be willing to pay for an assembled version.

Hardware MIDI would be nice, but not a deal breaker for me.


in case anyone is confused by the slew on feature suggestions: this fadebank exists now, it works, uses usb-midi. details in the top post.


I’d be interested in a kit or built.


Maybe small perfboard section next to the teensy on the pcb so people can hack their wildest dreams (fidget spinners :heart:️) on their own?


i’d be interested in a kit


i’ll be in for built unit in EU, and i’m quite eager to see if a close integration with TT is possible!


put me down for a built unit
I’ve been wanting something beautiful for use with Aalto for ages and I just couldn’t pull the trigger on the UC44

hardware midi would be nice

excited to hear about new monome material that might make use of this device too…


Apologies for any confusion I appear to have brought to the thread.


no worries at all, i equally helped derail. but i suspected this was starting to seem like a speculative project, so i simply wanted to clarify

i do think that i2c and mini midi are worthy avenues to investigate


totally down with everyone sharing their hopes and desires and dreams :slight_smile:

i agree, i2c & midi should be included.

i’m on the road for a few more days, but when i get home i’m hoping to jump into more prototyping and design refinement.

fyi - when a production run becomes a reality i’ll start a new thread with all the details, cost, timeline, etc – so feel free to cut loose on this one!