Faderbank Run: See top post for status


Cool. Thank you Sean!


would be interested in a kit. If possible maybe just a pcb.


so I haven’t been up on my midi for a while now just wanted to check and see if something like the FH-1 from expert sleepers would need anything extra to allow the faderbank to output CV

I’m all for midi output(s)


As long as you can assign what midi CCs the fader box is sending out you are good to go.


Emphatic interest in a built unit here. Thanks!


For the assembled units, how are you handling assembly? Not sure if we have a bullpen of community builders or not but I don’t mind helping by building a few units for lines members. If its going another route, that’s cool too.


good music and a standing desk?

that phase is pretty far off. if the project looks like it is growing beyond my means i’ll certainly look for help. thought it will probably be local build-off/workparty at my studio…

thanks so much for the offer of help!


oh yeah, could also just use usb-serial. but i’d like to try grid + faders + aleph


absolutely down for an assembled unit! amazing!


Definitely interested in a unit if the price is right. Doing some music tech studies again and have limited founds.


@tehn Would it be possible to get this with the grid’s (walnut) base and aluminium faceplate?


And/or the current metal base?


as of now i’m planning to do the case with just top and bottom plates. sides will be exposed.


Does the price go down if more people buy? And would I be able to flash my own code to the teensy so I can output OSC instead of software midi? If so, I’m definitely interested in a kit!


a little late, but likely would be interested in an assembled unit


not late at all! this will take a while :slight_smile:


there are price breaks when you order parts in quantity. still working on the prototype and getting my costs calculated. no price info to announce yet.



Please add me to the list for an assembled unit! V excited


I think I’d also like to be added to the assembled unit list, but I have one noob question.

Would this map over midi to something in my DAW such as a softsynth or is it strictly for interfacing with TT, Ansible, etc.?

If it does map as a standard midi device then I’m certainly in.


Provided you can map midi CCs to the softsynth controls you want to use it with, you should be fine.
From the original thread: