Faderbank Run: See top post for status


still interested
more interested before with the CV out option
I would still want a prebuilt unit no DIY for me
I like the MIDI choices

i2c I have never dealt with but as I’m considering a small rig of O&C, teletype, er301, ansible I would imagine this will become something I will use eventually
although I doubt I’ll do anything in software on this front

this looks great


More interested! Would like the SMD-free DIY or partial kit option.


I’m interested in an SMD-free DIY version! (Or a fully assembled one)


Just FYI - no guarantees of what options are available; partial DIY is a question I’m curious about, not a thing we will definitely be doing. (Fully Assembled is almost certainly a thing that’s happening, I believe).

If you’re interested in DIY, partial or otherwise: what’s the impetus? Cost-saving? Or just liking making? (“just liking making” is a totally OK answer)


ooooh I had a thought that may not be super popular…
is there anyway for software 0-1v output or is that strictly hardware?
I would love to use this in my wife and I’s video synth any while I do have things to scale 5v to 1v it would be nice to have it built in especially if it would mostly be a software thing

as the LZX format will just clip off voltages above 1v I don’t think it has to be supremely precise but it would just be great

I just bought two joystick modules (planar and choices) and have a mengqi voltage memory these plus the faderbank will make up our control surface for the video synth

which is why I’m so stoked about the CV outputs as I won’t have to add a expert sleepers FH1

EDIT: also are you thinking of including the little rubber nipples or do we need to source those ourselves?


Mostly the joy of making something that I will use. I would of course be interested in a pre-built option as well.


still/more interested in an assembled unit!


Still interested, even more so with the CV outs! (Like everyone else it seems)

Partial DIY would be great, but I would still buy a bare board if it was significantly cheaper/partial was not an option. Cost saving and just liking to make things are both factors for me!


CV OUT!? YES, interested now for sure!


i was thinking of making for myself something akin to the faderbank, but only with 0-5V CV out (and probably on perfboard + laser-cut perspex, with a bit less faders (12) and maybe with some buttons for gates out), so i am now interested.

Are the faders longer than in the first iteration of the faderbank ? (i was envisioning 100mm faders).
I would buy a board and “enclosure” plates, and why not a kit with all components (unsoldered).


Looks like a really cool device!
One thing I am thinking a little bit about though is durability. That mini(micro?) usb port looks very fragile no?
I imagine dropping it with the cable in, or something being placed on top of it, or lifting it up to move it for it to be held back by the cable I forgot to take out.

I am extremely careful about these things but in the heat of the moment on stage things can happen and the less of my brain I have to use for worrying about things the better. This is also something I have been thinking about with the new grids. Hope it is not to off topic and ranty.

Edit: I guess those Stradivarius violins are not the most bomb proof things either. Never mind


You guys went above and beyond!
Totally interested!


Definitely interested! Especially now because of the CV outs!


I’m also interested!


CV out has me in the “more interested” camp, though PCB/kit/whatever cost is definitely a factor for me. DIY is fine/my preference.

I’m also curious about this!


This community never ceases to amaze me when it comes to collaborative, open design. Really cool stuff @infovore and @shellfritsch

I mentioned I was interested in DIY–still am. I personally haven’t done SMD before (though I’ve been interested in trying)…it seems like based on the number of parts/size of the pcb, this kit might be expensive enough that I would feel pretty bummed if I messed it up, so my vote would be pre-soldered SMD stuff.

EDIT: On why DIY–partially cost, partially justifying the cost of my soldering equipment hah, and mostly coz it’s a fun hobby.

Since I’ve been working on figuring it out currently, expression pedal inputs on guitar pedals are at the front of my mind. I know that Chase Bliss has some info on using cv by plugging a tip TS cable to a TRS cable into their pedals’ expression in.

I’m assuming this will probably be the same on most guitar pedals with expression in. Where the reference voltage from the pedal is sent out ring, goes through the voltage divider in the expression pedal, and then the divided voltage is passed back on tip to the pedal to be controlled.

As such, I think this could be used as a bank of expression faders, which in itself is not super crazy cool (coz you could prob just use knobs on the pedals to the same affect). But it could make for some interesting performances/workflows using modular synth and guitar pedals that wouldn’t be ergonomically feasible otherwise (where pedals are on the floor controlled by feet, and the bank is on a table next to a modular synth, being controlled by hands).


20 char of echoed interest!


just liking making with 20 char


Definitely into the new design! Cost will be a factor, but am very interested in a built version.


What he said! (20 chars)