Faderbank Run: See top post for status


even more interested. would be down for a pre-built or diy, assuming some of the more experienced people here are willing to share first-timer smd advice.

edit: rereading and noticing “50 odd smd parts” and thinking that maybe a partial diy is the safest route to go hahaha


Still interested here into a fully built unit!


I’m very interested! Count me in!


Interested in a built unit, particularly if there’s I2C/Teletype links. Cost a factor obvs.


Interested! Built or full diy is cool (not a soldering guy but the little SMD I’ve done has been more enjoyable than thru-hole, cleaner and faster).


I’m interested! Simultaneous cc and cv sounds really unique…


I wasn’t initially interested, as my Faderfox UC4 is really a perfect USB MIDI controller for me. However, the added CV outputs now put me in the “more interested” category.

Are the CV outs locked to the fader position (i.e. does that section skip the microcontroller?) or will we be able to write firmware where the Teensy can do interesting things with the analog outs?

EDIT: Will the Teensy also be able to receive MIDI over USB, or does it just broadcast?


I am in deep respect due to your work you dedicated to this. Though I liked the more minimalistic version more I think. It felt more monome like to me with a single USB cable connected. I liked the grid like form factor and carefully thought about building an aluminium enclosure for it.

My use case would have been connecting it to the FH-1. CV might have a finer scaling compared to rounded midi but I am curious how the device behaves on the table with 16 cables going out of the back connecting to the modular.

i2c is not very important to me but a cable going out of the front seems a bit fiddly.

So I am a bit less interested then before. It would not necessarily prevent me from building one though. I would prefer a DIY version then without presoldered parts, just a PCB, maybe a pre cut panel. I also might just build the old version but having to order three PCB’s from Oshpark kept me holding back from it.


Love the feature set! Interested in a partial DIY (if that becomes a thing) or the fully-built model.


I’m still interested, but is it possible to add my email to a mailing list rather than keep up with this particular thread? I’d much prefer to just know when it’s available and the cost, and if there’s an option for pre-order! Thanks!


Just keeps getting more interesting!

I’m interested in any degree of assembly. Prefer assembled, but willing to do all of the assembly if that’s what makes sense. Whatever works!


count me as still interested/more interested. preferably assembled or non-smd DIY as I should probably start w/ something easier for a first solder project.

very excited about all the continued work on this!


I guess I’m in the minority, but the CV outs make me less interested (making it larger/bulkier), but that being said, I’m still interested, and would be interested in a partial SMD build.


Would much rather have the CV as a breakout thing— makes me a little less interested since it’ll make the whole deal slightly more complex/bulky.


What would the overall footprint be?


I’m all for the CV as an integrated part of it as I love greater utility. Are the sliders configurable to have some assigned as CV while others are working as sliders talking midi to our DAW?


thanks for the update, this looks great! still very much interested (fully assembled).
good to i2c included, i don’t think the location matters that much other than maybe having it closer to other non CV outputs? not super important though.


Looks like a great update. Still interested in a built unit.


I will get on with working this out in due course - teaching for the next few days so time is tight.


i guess i’m an outlier in that the CV output makes me less interested; i won’t use it and adds a lot to the BOM.

so if that’s the design i’d just want to get bare PCB, slide pots, panels, hardware (minus mini jacks); don’t even need another teensy.

also happy to pitch in with firmware as needed; i2c is very simple. my own initial use case would be setting it up to use the monome serial format (not midi.)

easy to do both at once:

[edit] but now i see that the CV outputs are all analog, so dunno if midi input really gives you much

[edit] again, i didn’t realize at first that cv output is pure analog. everything is on all the time so just ignore what you don’t want…