Faderbank Run: See top post for status


Functionality is simultaneous. All sliders are always emitting CV from their individual jack sockets; all sliders can simultaneously be emitting MIDI.

Worth pointing out: the whole thing is written in Teensyduino. You are free to customise/modify/hack this object as much as you want; initial functionality is very much a suggestion. So if you don’t want to map some sliders, either set your code to ignore them, or just don’t map them in the DAW.


likely there’ll be a new thread when it’s actually available. in the meantime, feel free to unsub from this one - there’s likely to be more chatter in due course.


In response to your questions:

  • CV outputs are currently all hardwired to 0-5V; they don’t go near the microcontroller. Making it so the Teensy can do interesting things with the analogue outs would be… challenging.
  • Teensy could be configured to receive over USB. It only broadcasts via the TRS socket. But I’m not sure how useful that is given the above.

I’ll be honest: I did consider making the CV outs an initial I2C peripheral, but I’m trying to keep things reasonably straightforward here - doing that would increase the part count quite a bit again.


that’s exactly how i would handle this - make cv output an expansion unit using the i2c+5v bus externally, so teensy does control the cv. everyone gets what they want: i get the minimal digital controller; euro users get a convenient interface that can be panelized, and acts as a computer->cv converter. further proof of concept (following telex) for our visions of an i2c-based peripheral ecosystem.


the previous 16n design, sans cv, was the same width as a 128 grid, but shallower. my hope is that with the cv outputs included it will now be very close to the same depth as a 128. so a little bigger, but certainly not bulky.


i love this and i hope that someone makes it a reality, either as a standalone expander, or via integration with TT / ansible / TxO.

my case for the internal cv is immediacy. just patch and go.


This would be a dream to use with the ER-301. :slight_smile: I’m in favor of leaving the cv out of the rack/staying away from expander modules.


oh ho ho ho, i know!


Now that I know that the 16n could have CV it’s my only option, even if the first batch were somehow to end up without it - I’d be willing to wait for the complete version.


Awesome. Thanks for the info!


but you’d still need a way to get the pinouts from the back of the 301 to the faderbank outside the rack. maybe a small 2hp blank with a jack drilled into it? but then there’d still be a fragile 3-wire i2c cable running to the faderbank. has anyone created this type of connector+cable with the durability/ruggedness of connectors that are designed to be constantly plugged, like usb?

i’m interested in this faderbank project, too, especially for my 301, but hooking it up seems perilous. i’ve only ever dealt with monome’s i2c connections, and while those are fragile, they’re safely tucked away behind the modules, permanently attached. with the faderbank i2c, portability and durability are now issues.


I am against an expander box for cv specifically. I think it makes sense for a small module to interface with i2c, with some sort of mini USB cable to connect it.


i think i see what you’re saying. a small module riding sidecar on e.g. the 301, that is hooked up via i2c. the faderbank itself plugs into that module, to send i2c over usb (or some other usb protocol), so that externally, there’s only the one usb minicable to deal with.

that does introduce a bit more complexity, in needing to convert faderbank to i2c in a separate device, but it might offer further routing and flexibility. imagine if that module could switch, duplicate, or split, some of the faderbank sliders, and send their values to other modules that speak i2c.


Yeah, that’s what I had in mind. It would take care of the fragility problem.


Another one for the interested column.


Interested for sure, especially with cv outs.


Count me in as well. :smiley:


very very in. esp with cv outputs


i’m using a 8 fader usb midi controller with the expert sleepers FH-1 going into the ER-301 and it is fantastic. The idea of using a 16 fader controller and having the ability to have CV go direct out plus still having midi is amazing.


since most people haven’t specifically mentioned MIDI, I just want to say that I am particularly interested in this having hardware MIDI (3.5mm minijack is fine, along with USB and CV) as seems to be the current concept :slight_smile: