Faderbank Teletype Scenes

I’ll start with a first go at something I wanted to make since i first saw the Faderbank, a motion recorder similar to the Malekko Voltage Block. Got something really fun started this afternoon in basically one script! This is also my first real script for the Teletype as well. Faders are in pairs, left fader gets recorded into a step whenever the fader to its right is above threshold ‘B’.

Short snippet of a jam, left fader pair controlling pitch, 2nd controls filter, 3rd the Cs-L wavefolder, the 4th the Cs-L FM Index

Script 1
P.N - I 1; P 17 + P 17 1;
IF > P 17 P 16: P 17 0
A - * I 2 1
IF > FB + A 1 B: P P 17 FB A
CV I P P 17

And then a second script to be trigger by M or an ext trigger to clock the sequeners
L 1 4: $1

Its a bit convoluted and also my first real script ive shared. Basically patterns 1-4 hold 16 steps of motion recording, with P 17 being current step count and P 16 being max step. All P 16 were set to 15 to begin with for steps 0-15.

First operation sets current motion sequence pattern, then increments P 17. 2nd line just wraps it between 0 and max step (P 16).

A -* I 2 1

This line sets variable A to the correct fader for the loop (ie sequence 4 gets recorded on fader 7, the first in the 4th pair)

IF > FB + A 1 B: P P 17 FB A
This line does the recording of the left of the pair, if the right one is above threshold B.

The result was an hour long jam that worked flawlessly! Im impressed that doing 8 fader reads every ~100ms for an hour worked without crashing. I even have a suboptimal 1.5m TRS cable connecting the FB. Ill upload a section of the jam at some point

Future additions:
-This code can probably be cleaned up with more efficient operations
-Extending to 8 possible motion record sequences by wrapping around data storage into later steps in the pattern data
-Adding clock divisions per track
-Ideally rather than use a fader for record toggle, id use a grid op layout to visualise all of this, and maybe add quantisation options as well

The cool thing is that parameters such as clock div and step length could then be motion recorded by other sequence tracks and then saved into the correct pattern location. I experimented with using one motion sequence track to set the CV slew of the first, which was for pitch and it was good fun.


Great patch!

Does it work smoothly with the i2c? Am a bit worried about i2c dependability and responsiveness with the 16n…

Added a video to the top post
@theelectricyouth It was super reliable in my experience! Every 10 minutes my laptop powering the faderbank went to sleep which caused the Teletype to hang… but then waking the laptop just kicked things off where I was. I played for a good hour without any issues (with a 1.5m I2C cable and 3 modules on the bus)

This is neat! Thank you for showing us. Have you tried at metronome values sub 100ms?

Update: Added clock division, attenuation and offset per track, kept it the same amount of lines too :slight_smile:
Record enabling has been moved to its own register, so i could be toggled however you like.

Script 1
P.N - I; P.+W 19 1 1 P 18
IF EQ P 19 1: P.+W 17 1 0 P 16
IF P 20: P P 17 FB I
P 23 SCL 0 16383 0 P 22 P P 17
P 23 + P 23 P 21

And then to trigger the script:
L 1 4: $ 1; CV I P 23

The pattern data then has to be set as so:
P 0-15: Step Data
P 16. Sequence Length (0-15)
P 17. Current Step (leave as 0, automatically updates)
P 18. Clock Division (1-???)
P 19. Clock Div Counter (leave as 0, automatically updates)
P 20. Record enable (1=recording, 0=not)
P 21. Transpose
P 22. Scale (0-16383, default 16383)
P 23. Current step output buffer (reference this elsewhere to get scaled and transposed value)

You can then modulate the transpose of a track from a slower division track by setting
PN 1 21 PN 2 23 (set pattern 1 index 21 to pattern 2 current value)

@adrianf just tested it at M 80 and worked fine. Although now its only doing 4 fader reads per Metro as ive moved record arm to its own pattern location rather than a fader


Just in case anyone is still looking for Faderbank and Teletype scenes, I’ll leave here the link to the Teletype code exchange with a brand new scene I made. It features Teletype, 16n and Just Friends, but it’s adaptable to any devices like the Disting Ex or the ER-301.


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