Fallen Moon Recordings: New releases by Are Ess and Grotta Veterano out now!

Two new releases for the October Bandcamp day:

"hosts is a radically reductive, text-based composition in two parts. having mainly created sound installations this work tries to strike a balance between the installed, sculptural sound and a con- certante composition. Robert Stokowy is an artist and composer from Cologne, Germany. His work consists of experi- mental compositions, text-based interventions, performances and installations.

“Girift” is the second full length album of the Turkish ambient duo Sanr. Through the layers of delicate timbres, Sanr indulges in searching for the limits of perception. The whole album is a nested loop, triggering and dislocating familiar sensations within the fabric of intricacy."


The November FMR batch features two members of the lines community (@Jet and @samarobryn)! Check both releases out via the links below. :headphones: :grin: :heart:


Story behind the album: http://www.robertsergel.com/placeofstones/

Written and recorded by Robert Sergel
The record was made using: Synthesizer, electric guitar, field recordings, cello, piano, voice
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space

Assembled, mixed, mastered by Grotta Veterano
This record was made using: Electric guitar, effect pedals, a synthesizer, a laptop, and field recordings.
Artwork by Nicola Narbone

The February FMR batch is officially out today!