Faroe Islands Tour Happening Now

Anyone here currently living in the Faroe Islands? I’m on tour here for the next week- just arrived and been so busy with all the changing dates and corona rules that I didn’t even think about what would happen if the tour managed to go ahead.

I’ll be doing some of the 12 shows with my norns shield and 128. Would love to hear from anyone local what’s up!


we would all like some livestreams.


I’ll look into it! Hilariously, I’m having some problems with my mobile provider who said my plan was “for all of the EU,” but I guess they just meant all of the EU except this part of the EU :roll_eyes:

Hopefully I can get some WiFi action going on in the venues!

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Are the Faroes in the EU? I thought they were some independent sub-set of Denmark which wasn’t really in the EU?



As explicitly asserted by both treaties of the European Union, the Faroe Islands are not part of the European Union. The Faroes are not grouped with the EU when it comes to international trade

Edit: Snap @Helen !


@Helen + @DoS huh! Thank you for the clarification! I had done some Googling on the phone company website where they had the Faroe Islands listed in the EU but upon arrival their service didn’t work! So it seems their service knows better than their website. And now I know better too!!


Maybe get a pre-paid SIM card? This blog makes it sound like they’ve got good coverage - you just need to find the best way to connect!

Hope you have a great time anyway, even if live-streaming turns out to be a bit… ambitious! If nothing else, get loads of phone-cam pics - it looks a really beautiful place!


Man… I’ve always wanted to go there!


@Helen thank you so much!!! I cleaned out my phone before I left just so I can totally fill it up in the next days.

@marcus_fischer I’ll check everything out and let you know if I find something I can share which might help you get here sooner than later!


We had a good time- ended up doing 10 shows total even with a corona outbreak scare in the middle of the week. Turned out to only be two people infected thankfully so the rest of the shows went as planned.


Ohh, that’s really good to hear!
So glad it worked out ok (give or take a couple of gigs!)

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Whoah! It seems a nice place to make a gig! Congrats!

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