Fates - a DIY norns DAC board for Raspberry Pi

Very nice, if only there was room to fit a little servo motor in there for automatic screen action


FWIW- if it makes the current setup easier for positioning wires (or with a change to a ribbon/molex version) — the screen can be rotated 180 in pi settings :slight_smile:

(Also - this is so awesome! :tada:)

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That’s great to know about the screen rotation. The ribbon cable would be much more elegant and allow for it to sit closer to the board when down - for sure the way to go. Just needed to see if it would work first :). @okyeron do you have any plans to release the eagle file for community mods? I’ve been tinkering with some additional ideas on a eurorack port. Thanks again for your energies so far!


20 characters of Good job @frankchannel for the battery pack :ok_hand:t2:

Here is latest version of the fates Alu case


just got my Pi 4 in and had Fates up and running in 15 minutes. Everything is working so far, wifi and filesystem expanded no problem, and that default app is really pretty sounding. Super excited to get into this thing, thanks to everyone for all the hard work!

I’ll be back in a few days with a thousand questions I’m sure but now I gotta get through all the docs


Update 200218


Update process for this version is still manual via SSH. Instructions are on the release page:

This update will put you on the new fates-project norns fork.

SYSTEM>UPDATE should now be safe and functional for future updates (may require testing on the next update cycle)


You are … awesome.


Does this include the patches for DIY grid devices?

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Boom! Thanks for everything. Update working for me.


it does indeed    


Will we lose what we have saved on the fates or do we have to back up some files?

In general with any norns type device I would suggest doing this before an update. Bring everything over. Although, on the other hand, these types of updates usually don’t touch the /dust/ directory so you should be safe. I just personally prefer to keep backups of any organization, audio recordings or preference settings I have saved and like.


Generally, the norns updates completely replace the ~/norns and ~/maiden directories.

If you’ve done some development/hacking on norns source on your device, then back that stuff up.

Otherwise, most users would only really need to back up the ~/dust directory structure since that’s where user scripts/audio/etc. live.


Thanks a lot for this update !!!

No luck with this update. Audio output (through headphone jack at least) is gone. The audio volumes page shows the output is fully cranked up, but the controls on this page are unresponsive. Have to get out of menu and back to see any changes. Also I can’t get out of this page anymore, so can’t sleep, reset or load other script. Anything I could try?

Rebooted with all USB MIDI cables removed and all seems fine now.

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Maybe cd .. at the end, to avoid the (potentially heart-wrenching for new/inexperienced users) error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory errors.

like where? after ./update.sh ?

I didn’t get this error, so… confused.

Weird… yep, after ./update.sh.

EDIT: at the end of update.sh, we have rm -rf ~/update/*, so if the script is running from ‘~/update/200218’, one would get errors. I do see that just prior to that, we’re doing cd /home/we/maiden + other stuff, so theoretically, we should still be in /home/we/maiden, but I Am Not A Bash Expert, and bash is weird and fickle :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Honestly, it’s probably just me. I have a lot of prompt stuff going on, and tons of aliases and functions in bash’s environment, so it’s likely that there’s a race condition between where the script thinks it is and where bash thinks it is etc…

All done (bar the screen cover).