Fates - a DIY norns DAC board for Raspberry Pi

That’s good to hear! You absolutely do need to do the disk expansion in order to use Fates; that’s probably why the update did not work the first go-round.

Any fates users tried CC2 yet? I know it says it needs norns fw 201115 and later but I’m wondering if it actually works with the most recent fates update… not near my machine currently or I’d just give it a go myself.

oh, it probably does! i just like adhering to the latest release for consistency :slight_smile:

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Yes, it does definitely :wink: .


yeah, I was on 1001 and it did not work :stuck_out_tongue: but a quick update and CC2 came right up. thanks @okyeron and @dan_derks for everything!

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Update 201115 now available

(sorry for the delay - was waiting on some bugs in the initial release to get stabilized)

If you are on 200218 or later
use SYSTEM > UPDATE while connected to the internet.
(please report back if you have problems with this)

If you are running a version prior to 200218, DO NOT USE SYSTEM > UPDATE .
You must update manually via SSH. Instructions are on the release page: https://github.com/fates-project/norns/releases/tag/2.4.6

See Norns: update 201113 for change log. NOTE - disk images on that post are for factory norns and norns shield ONLY.

If you have a new rev pi4 (rev 1.2 I think) or an 8GB pi4, please DM me - I have a new disk image for pi4 for testing.


What is the threshold of new? Mine’s from december last year so I don’t think it counts as new, is there a way to check w/o opening Fates?

I believe this is the way to find out the revision.

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The threshold for new rev boards is kinda “ does it work with the fates image or not” :laughing:

If it works, you’re good.

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That just boosts my confidence to a whole new level. I’ll back up and try tomorrow :wink:

Reading again I’m not actually sure what “threashold of new” was talking about.

Do you mean the version of your Pi hardware?

Or do you mean your norns software version? In this situation be sure to read all the instructions - check your norns version by hitting the K2 button while on the SELECT menu page. The software version will show under the current script name.

AGAIN - If you are on something before 200218 you have to do a manual update. If you do that on an earlier version you’ll brick the system and you’ll need reinstall from disk image. See the update page for more.

I meant the threshold of what constitutes a ‘new rev pi4’ as I’m running my Fates on a 4GB Pi4 (1.1 it appears to be). I’m all up to date on Fates updates.

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Went perfectly (as always). Thanks a lot again for your work!

One of the encoders on my Fates seems a lot jumpier than it was before the latest update.

Curious… that’s the second report of this.

There were some encoder sensitivity changes in the code

If you want to hack a bit, you could try changing ~/norns/lua/core/encoders.lua line 70 to `local sens = {1,1,1,1}

You would need to restart matron afterwards to get the change to show up.

Could be the sensitivity change is exposing flakey encoder behavior (the encoder component itself)


Thanks for getting back to me, and sorry for the late reply. I will try that later.


will this work for the encoder stability hack?


I need to go eyeball it, but 0603 may fit between the pins better

I’ll check and report back here later.

there’s also this option which is what i ended up going with…from what i understand it should wrk

just to clarify is it anything 100n and below that will work ?

RE: ended up using the 0.01uf cer caps and all went well:) @jamisnemo brilliant hack, makes a big difference in the response, thanks!