Fates - a DIY norns DAC board for Raspberry Pi

Hey thanks for your replies.
I´m only interested in a pcb or two. okyeron told me that the shipping costs for 1 to 5 pcbs are around 15$.
I´ll ordering the parts (~75€ without the pi) anyway so if someone is interested, I could order them for you too.

Hi @doomglue,

ok, great. I suggest we’ll get in touch as soon as the kits become available and talk about how we’ll organise that.

My Fates build went pretty well despite some bridging and subsequent hellish rework on the DSP chip.

I printed a case that was shared earlier in this thread by @frankchannel after modifying it to fit the USB jack on the back. Thanks for sharing that, Frank.

So far absolutely loving this lovely little machine, thanks @okyeron for pouring so much into this.


Are you willing to share the modified 3D files?

Happy to, if that’s OK with @frankchannel.


and so its done… Orac for norns and a few extras :wink:

see this thread

I consider a kind of beta, as Ive a couple of minor issues to resolve, but thought its best to get it into others hands for feedback that can influence its direction.

anyway, I just wanted to pop by this thread to thank @okyeron for getting an early fates board to me, so I could realise this.

The FATES board has been fantastic, it was an easy board to build and the instructions that @okyeron has done for setting it up are absolutely brilliant - anyone thinking about it should ‘give it a go’, its a really simple and fun DIY project.

also thanks to Steven for some early feedback on Orac etc…


That’s great, thank you!

Amazing! Hope to give this a spin on my FATES over the next few days! Glad I built mine with a 4th knob. My biggest curiosities about the system moving forward is the method of moving from the Norns environment to ORAC. Very interested to see what you’ve done and would be happy to give some feedback (lord knows I have opinions about things)

I’d say the easiest way would be to flash 2 as cards, one with Orac one with the norns firmware. Gotta love the pi.

There was actually talk about creating a system for easy swapping and multiple environments existing on one card. Wanted to know what the plans were for that. It’s actually not that hard to swap through some ssh terminal commands, which I will probably do off there isn’t a swapping system included.

Not even really necessary as norns software and orac software can exist on the device at the same time (see the video about the Sidekick feature). You can’t use both together at the same time tho.

Watch Mark’s video in the other thread. :slight_smile:


Yes please share it!


Frank, want me to upload them to your repo? UPDATE: I forked it and uploaded them here: https://github.com/jedgarpark/fates3d_case

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I can add it to the fates repo if you like. Or you can PR that maybe?

Cool – I just PR’d that.

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Just curious, what has the usage of the RPi 4’s been for folks in terms of heat? Have people run them on their FATES boards without active heatsinks?

I’m running an RPi 4 without a heat sink, no problems. I have it in a 3D printed case w a bit of airflow.

Nice. I’ve continue to leave my FATES open for the last few weeks, have just enjoyed being able to see the guts. Might just leave it this way, but investing in a Pi 4 has seemed like a good idea for a while now.

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I’m highly tempted to mill an aluminum case for it, although that would probably have some negative effects on WiFi reception.


I’ve been streaming off an Aluminium easement, but probably don’t have the proper access to folks who could make that happen. Do you have the proper contacts? If so, I’d be open to beginning to see what the cost would entail. If the WiFi becomes too much of an issue, one could always use a WiFi non like a true norns

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