Fates - a DIY norns DAC board for Raspberry Pi

It’ll likely take some back and forth - prob best to dm me or use discord to chat.

You’ll need to do lots with ssh so please familiarize yourself with that process (see norns docs)

A detailed description/recap of the situation and pictures of the board - top/bottom will help

Uh oh, I updated last night, no problems so far though. Is there a way I can determine which version of Pi I have without removing the case?

Hi, Can anyone recommend an encoder upgrade, the ones I used were all I could find at the time and they don’t register well, they take a few clicks to get a response and don’t track well in apps, I used these- BOURNS - PEC11R-4215F-S0024 - INCREMENTAL ENCODER, 2CH, 24PULSE/360DEG



the correct ones are listed on github in the BOM

fates/BOM.md at master · okyeron/fates · GitHub

The one you have there has a switch and detents I think. You want 4015F/4020F/4015K not 4215

Yeah they are wrong, I’ll change them for 4015F
Thank you,


220321 Update - New Images

Similar to OG norns/shield - we have new disk images for the 220321 update

Pi3: fates-pi3b

Pi4: fates-pi4b

Full disk wipe required! save your files!

See the instructions posted for norns/shield.

IMPORTANT NOTE - With this update the default hostname is set to fates - so if you previously used norns.local to connect - it’s now fates.local


Well that was a quick turn around from yesterday! I’ll start a pi3 build asap and let you know how it goes.

Edit: It was fast and smooth once i had the image downloaded,

don’t forget to expand that file system!

EDIT 2: currently having issues with network

EDIT 3: fixed, see below :point_down:

Is the Pi4 image for all the revisions, I have rev1.2

Yeah - new pi4 image was mostly to get v1.5 compatibility, but it should work on all older ones.

FYI - if you’ve downloaded the disk images posted earlier today (March 31st 4:19PM Central Time) - there’s an error in the image and you won’t be able to get wifi setup on the device. You’ll want to get the updated ones instead.

Ive fixed that and am creating/uploading new images right now. Will update here when they are ready.

Sorry for the screw-up. I’ve probably made 16 versions of these damn things already.


damn i’d just come to post about no wifi! thanks for all the work though seriously!

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New Image links are updated

  • Remember to expand the file system

  • IMPORTANT - With this update the default hostname is set to fates - so if you previously used norns.local to connect - it’s now fates.local


Thanks Steven, much appreciated :pray:

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20 characters of high praise


Thank you for your continued dedication and support for Fates. :pray:


Looking forward to updating. I’ve been using my Fates a lot lately (got a new script incubating).

Keep up the great work, @okyeron!

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Thanks @okyeron for your work on updates!
I’m sorry to report that I downloaded the image from the link quoted above, etched it on a 32gb SD card, but can’t expand the filesystem because I keep getting Status: unavailable with Wi-Fi network. Sometimes I also got “error: SUPERCOLLIDER FAIL”. Is it just me? Maybe i got the wrong img?

Looks like there was a problem with wifi/networking permissions in the images I posted last night - and I didnt figure it out until this morning.

Updating images again now. it’ll may a couple hours to get them uploaded.

Links above will be the same but the image archives will be labeled 20220401

Images are updated

Pi3: fates-pi3b

Pi4: fates-pi4b


If I haven’t noticed any issues so far after updating from the system menu a week ago, would it still be recommended that I update to this latest one? I have a pi 3b+

Just to be sure, if the answer to the above question happens to be a yes; is a full disk wipe required?

Yes, a bunch of components needed to be rebuilt

and yes…

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