Fates - a DIY norns DAC board for Raspberry Pi

Has anybody successfully gotten an adafruit untztrument acting as a grids working with the fates? I have rummaged a few threads and can’t seem to find a definite answer.

Not that I know of. I’ve gotten the newer NeoTrellis M4 (8x4 pads) working as a MIDI input for Fates, and we’re all hoping @okyeron @TheTechnobear and possibly some others may be able to put some energy toward getting Grids behavior going using multiple NeoTrellis driver boards (4x4 pads) and a Feather M4 microcontroller.
Some discussion here, you may have already seen: Trellis M4 open source grid controller

Dang ,thinking I should have just put that 350 aud towards a real monome grid now rather than the Hella untztrument . :man_shrugging: Still hopeful tho ,there some smart people around here .

The first thing I did when I got my fates is to make a library for alternative midi grids to do just such a thing. I only have an apc mini, and it works well with that, but I have yet to get anyone to successfully test it with untzes.

But in principal, I don’t see why they shouldnt work. I have the full api for monome grids recreated as midi handlers, that successfully tricks any script that its talking to a grid. Midi data is even parsed and buffered in the same way as grids for performance. You just need to configure it for the midi messages the untz gives and expects.

It works very well for me, I have a $40 dollar 64 grid (or 128 grid in my “2 page” mode) with it seems very little sacrifice (other than I guess aesthetic sacrifice)!

Maybe one day if I ever have money I will do the neotrellis thing, and make a library that fully supports them for norns, but thats still a long way off financially for me! Anyone is welcome to PR my code or steal from it to do such a thing.
EDIT: there is a thread here designated for these discussions Norns: alternative grids


Hi all!!! I have started testing with 8 neotrellis and a teensy 3.2 to make a grid 128 compatible with monome. Thanks to the projects of @okyeron and @szymon_k I was able to make it work on a mac. I’ve tried it on a norns fates and it hasn’t worked. I am currently testing it with an arduino one with an FTID chip (re-flash to make it work like a monome) … but at the moment it doesn’t work. I don’t give up … I’m still trying :sweat_smile:

(Ah!.. sorry for my English :blush:)


So I just ran the 191126 update, and I’ve encountered two issues:

  • Maiden doesn’t appear to be working, connection refused to web browser at http://norns.local and IP
  • When trying to connect via webdav on mac, I am getting " This file server will not allow any additional users to log on. Try to connect again later"

Any tips on troubleshooting? SSH to norns.local works as expected.

Hmmm… I just ran updates on some images yesterday and I don’t think they went to 191126. (seems like I’m always a day or two behind on new update releases)

Which Pi are you using?

Installing the update now…

EDIT – no maiden problems here on pi4.

Although - I did get a new IP address after the update. Perhaps your SSH key or whatever (known_hosts) needs to get changed/deleted?

What’s the connection magic for webdav?

Pi 4. This was a fresh install from two days ago, and I ran a git pull on the norns directory today. For some reason I lost the display after that, and did a manual update to 191028 which got the display back on. I had noticed that there was a fresh update when looking for the 191028 so I ran the update from the menu after my display was back. Not sure if I borked something during the whole process or not.

re-ran the update as tehn suggested in the release posting and maiden is back now :wink:

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FYI - A quick note to anyone who might want to recompile the norns stack… (./waf in the norns directory)

For the moment, there might be an error when compiling crone on Fates. I have a workaround in github that you can use with the following (via SSH):

cd ~/fates
git pull

This will pull over a fix and recompile norns.


I’m interested in attempting to soldering 1/4" (6mm) jacks to the fates board. I’ve found some Amphenol jacks that are 0.62" (15.75mm) wide. The spec’d 1/8" (3mm) jacks appear to be only 0.472" (12mm) wide, so my question is: does the board have enough room between the jacks to accommodate the wider 1/4" (6mm) jacks without having to shift components over?

I realize the pinout will not line up with the through holes in the fates board, thusly requiring lead wires which would allow for extra placement flexibility; however, my end goal is to use the board with one of @Smoth’s fantastic enclosures (with possibly minor modification.)

I believe @okyeron said he was going to publish the source files in a little while – if I were you I’d wait until that time and modify the board layout to accommodate the jacks you prefer…

The spec’d 1/8" jacks are 10mm wide. You’d be hard pressed to fit 4 of those 1/4" jacks in the space available on the back - and they’d block out the space for the headphone jack.

Once upon a time I found a fairly thin 1/4" jack, but didn’t save that anywhere I can find right now.

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latest update: norns does not load, orac does…

as per orac post - its working fine here (both orac and norns)

is this the ‘normal’ supercollider failed error?
if so, id suggest the usual troubleshooting stuff

really you need a bit more detail to find out what the error really is, this is best done by starting scsynth manually from the command line, and seeing what errors it throws up.
(perhaps this can also be seen in maiden? i know know as i don’t use maiden :wink: )

it’s probably a corrupted download. It seems that I need to do fresh install with fates image

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I’d suggest doing that on a new sd card maybe? Also back up your old dust directory.

Fates image is a couple versions old for norns right now. I’ll work on updating those over the weekend.

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I don’t have any extra sd. Why is that? I could format the one I’ve got.

SD cards go bad surprisingly often, especially with the heavier use they get as boot storage. It’s not at all uncommon for you to write the correct data to a card and get incorrect data back off it from time to time.

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It really depends on if you want a backup of the machine as it was - with whatever scripts you’d already installed, etc.

SD cards are cheap so easy to do a new install on a fresh one. If you don’t have a spare, it’s not really a big deal either way.

Before reformatting to a fresh image, I’d suggest trying the update procedure once more.

SSH or FTP to Fates and delete the `/home/we/version.txt` file 
do RESET from the norns menu or `sudo reboot`
run UPDATE from the norns menu
start up again and you should have the most recent version of norns.
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