Fates - a DIY norns DAC board for Raspberry Pi

Did you expand the file system when you reinstalled?

df -h over ssh to see what your disk usage is

Recently bought a fates and getting into it.I want to exchange files between my pc and my fates so i enabled smb in my programs but I cant seem to connect my fates to samba. it pops up under my network folders as ‘FATES’ but when i click it it says “windows cannot access
\FATES Error code 0x80070035 the network path was not found” I’m totally new to this so any help is appreciated

Googling Error code 0x80070035 the network path was not found gives a number of possible solutions. Like this. (Probably need to try connecting with the IP address?)

samba works OK from my Mac. I don’t have a windows machine so can’t offer any other suggestions.

Short answer - use SFTP instead maybe?

Working fine in my win10 machines here. I think the error could be related to a windows setting, you must enable the shared files and printers in advanced network settings

@okyeron was hoping you could direct me to the latest Fates firmware/ where Fates firmware is posted. Just got mine and installed norns firmware thinking it would work. sorry if it’s in this thread and I overlooked it. New to lines and excited to learn the Fates ropes

Welcome to lines.

That page contains what you’re looking for.

For most projects the 1st post in a topic contains links to GitHub where you can find updates, that’s where I got this link.